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Interview with Radoslav Hanchev, Deputy Director of Genetic-test – exhibitor in Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2015

Interview with Radoslav Hanchev, Deputy Director of Genetic-test – exhibitor in Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2015

The company Genetic-test was established in 2011 and is successfully developing as a franchise. In which countries are you already present and is there an analogue of your products on the Bulgarian market?

Presently, Genetic-test company is actively developing a partner network including over 1,500 representatives in various cities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, Bulgaria, USA, Italy, Czech Republic and others. With each day the number of our partners is growing! Our product is based on the science of Dermatoglyphics (scientific study of fingerprints, lines, mounts, and shapes of hands) and is unrivaled, both in Bulgaria and throughout Europe.

What is the purpose of your participation in Sofia Sport & Healthy Life exhibition?

Our goal is to introduce our innovative product to the public, and thus to provide the opportunity to many sports organizations, clubs and federations to perform an initial selection of children and adolescents for a specific sport. Last but not least, everyone who passed the test will be able to answer many questions related to their physical abilities and genetic predisposition to a particular disease. All of this will be useful for the future lifestyle of the tested person.

What makes the test an "innovative" product - which personal characteristics can be traced through biometric testing?

Millions of people around the world are experiencing the frustration of life, because they are dealing with their work and what’s more – have taken the wrong path. Few minutes after you do the test, you will receive personal biometric report on your individual abilities: in which sport you can achieve the best results, your health condition and to which diseases you are prone to, what type of temperament you have, in what professional direction to develop yourself etc.

To whom is it useful and what age groups use it most often?

For Parents

Genetic-test will help you select the most appropriate sport, hobby and profession for your child and will also determine which of the parents the child is more like and how to find a common language with them.

For Schools
Genetic-test is an effective method of guidance that will provide rich information to students and their parents. The results of the testing will be useful not only for students but also for teachers, for the selection of an appropriate curriculum and techniques and for the formation of classes.

For those looking for job
Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses will help you define yourself correctly in the search for a suitable profession.

For Companies
Genetic-test will help identify the individual characteristics of your employees to optimally build interpersonal relationships within the team and define the responsibilities for each of them.