Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 16 – 18.04.2019
Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 16 – 18.04.2019

John Lagogiannis

2017-02-07 18:54:25

John Lagogiannis, Senior Product Marketing Engineer, Intracom Telecom, Greece

Ioannis Lagogiannis is an Industrial Electronics Engineer with 23 years of experience in the area of Industrial Automation, Telecommunications and Security solutions.
He started as Network Engineer with Vodafone Greece in 1997 with key responsibilities the proper expansion and maintenance of the mobile and backhaul network.

In 2008 he joined Siemens Greece as Access Networks and Transmission Systems Supervisor, part of the Infrastructure & Cities Business Unit, with responsibilities the development of solutions for City Industrialization and C4i projects. In 2009 he led the Greek GSM-R project, a specialized GSM based Network constructed exclusively for the Public Train Operator, with over 105 Base stations and 1800km of deployed fibre optic cables

In 2015 he joined Intracom-Telecom Greece as Senior Product Marketing Engineer providing Technical Pre Sales and Product Design engineering services for Critical Infrastructure Physical Security and IoT based Smart City Solutions.


Smart City Enablement & Orchestration

Smart Cities offer superior quality-of-life standards to both citizens and visitors, by leveraging digital technologies to manage city resources in the most efficient and effective way. The presentation will mainly focus on the key Enablers of Smart Cities:

Smart Lighting with Smart Services: By replacing the conventional light bulbs with LED elements and combining Street lighting with communication and sensing capabilities, in the same lighting infrastructure, city authorities not only drastically reduce energy consumption and overall city OpEx, but also generate revenues to fund the transformation & modernization of critical city infrastructure.

Traffic Monitoring: Advanced device-counting functionality, supported by Ultra Sonic sensors, can detect and count, in real-time, cars passing by. Congestion conditions can be sensed or predicted and analytics- driven corrective actions can be triggered.

Smart Parking: Strategically placed ultrasonic sensors, located in selected lighting poles, detect the presence of cars parked in the monitored Smart City areas in real-time. A centralized GIS environment visualizes both occupied and free parking slots, in order to inform citizens for available parking spaces, as well as authorities for potential parking violations.

Waste Management: Smart Waste Management sensors are placed in every waste bin to alert city authorities to collect and disseminate everyday wastes.

Smart Metering: Achieving Energy Management, one of the fundamental goals of the smart city concept, requires that energy meters go beyond measuring energy consumption and production. As intelligent hubs, smart meters also administer the in-house energy demand; integrate water & gas meter readings and offer monitoring & control for smarter consumption.








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