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Leading IoT-Connected Countries: Sweden, New Zealand

Leading IoT-Connected Countries: Sweden, New Zealand

The Internet of Things is a big deal, but not everywhere.

While ubiquitous in the United States, the Internet is not used by 4 billion people, more than half (53%) of the world’s population, based on new worldwide tabulation.

Almost two-thirds (64%) of households in the Americas are connected compared to half of households globally, according to the last report from the ITU (International Telecommunications Union).

Relating to the Internet of Things, the countries with the highest machine-to-machine penetration rates are highly industrialized, advanced economies, including the northern European countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Countries were rated based on the number of machine-to-machine subscriptions per 100 mobile cellular subscriptions. Sweden ranked first and the U.S. ranked seventh. Here, in order, are the countries leading in the Internet of Things, based on that rating:...

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