Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Smart Cities Section - Buildings, Mobility and Infrastructure 2022, IEC, Sofia / Postponed: seeSUSTAINtec 2021

Let us present to you Mr. Holger Liebold - managing Director of Falcom, one of the exhibitors.

Let us present to you Mr. Holger Liebold - managing Director of Falcom, one of the exhibitors.

Our customers are Service Providers for Water, Gas, Oil, Power; Network Providers, Garbage collection, Fleet management

Falcom is going to participate for a second consecutive year in Smart Cities. Can you tell us more about your company?

We are a leading developer and manufacturer of M2M solutions for Smart Metering, SCADA, Home Automation, Automated Vehicle Location, Asset Monitoring and Telematics Applications. Furthermore, in recent years FALCOM has developed an independent web-based tracking platform and brought it to market (D2Sphere) for the management of devices and the analysis of data obtained. Our products are designed and made in Germany and well-known for their reliability, flexibility and long lifetime.

FALCOM is working very close with its customers to meet their exact needs and serve them during the complete term of the project, starting with the initial discussion of technical requirements, till after sales support. Sales of the products take place through a worldwide distribution network or directly to large customers. The main market is EMEA, with a growing focus on USA and Asia. Today, with its 30 qualified staff, the company belongs to one of the leading companies in the world in their sector, positioned with a reputation for strong product performance and the ability to perform wireless solutions with first class support.

Products & Services: SCADA / RTU systems, Sales and Payment, Home Automation, Media / Entertainment integrated systems, Meter Data Management, Meter Manufacturers / Components, Electricity Metering, Smart Grid Solutions, Remote diagnostics, M2M, Communication Infrastructure, Utilities, Char-Sharing Solutions, Fleet/Waste Management, Public Transportation, Usage-based Insurance

You offer a wide range of solutions, could you get into more detail about the products you are going to present at Smart Cities next year and some of your newest technologies?

We will present:
1) E220 Router:

This new multimode high-speed 3G/4G router targets the industrial IoT market segment. The E220 is compact, ruggedized and easily mountable, with switchable WAN/LAN ports and secure 300Mbps Wi-Fi capability, RS-485 serial data interface, extended operating temperature range, PD-PoE and last gasp battery making it perfect for deployment with M2M applications requiring LTE data connectivity in industrial environments.

2) FOX3-3G/4G:
This new versatile energy gateway is a compact all-in-one device combining 2G/UMTS/HSPA+ high-speed data connection with the latest GNSS technology making it perfect for deployment with M2M applications requiring 3G/4G data connectivity in industrial environments

Your products can be integrated in projects within different fields. Can you give us some examples?

Our products can be used for the following fields:

1) Business Continuity: ►Sales and Payment ► ATM Machines ►Sales Kiosks and Vending Machines
2) Energy:  ►Metering   ►Energy Audit  ►Feeder Automation, Distribution
3) Management System and SCADA:   ►Solar Cell Monitoring and control Wind Turbine monitoring   ►UPS and Battery Monitoring    ►Street Light Automation
4) Water and Gas:  ►Water / Gas Metering   ►Automation of pumping stations
5) Public Convenience and Safety:  ►Traffic Cameras / IP cameras  ►Digital Signage  ►Public Wi-Fi access points  ►Emergency Services
6) GPS Tracking:  ►Fleet Management  ►Pay as you drive – Insurance ►Automated Tolls ►Driver behaviour monitoring ►Asset Tracking
7) Industrial Automation:  ►Process Control
8) Home Automation:  ►Home Security  ►Remote device control – Smart Homes
9) e-Medicine:  ►Remote diagnostics
10) e-Learning: ► Distant course content delivery

You distribute worldwide, do you have any activity in Bulgaria and South-East Europe as a whole? Are you looking for new distributors or partners?

We distribute worldwide, in Bulgaria and South-East Europe too, and we are looking for new distributors or partners in Bulgaria and the Region.

Visitors from which sectors would you like to invite at your stand?

Providers and Service Provider for Water, Gas, Oil, Power; Car Sharing Companies; Network Provider, Garbage collection, Fleet management







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