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"DA  CONSULT" Ltd.  is a  publisher of a  Bauportal , online magazine "1 to 1 in construction," organizer of BUILDINGSTYLE -  traditional workshop for architects and managers of construction companies. This year the company celebrates 11 years.
Bauportal is visited by 15,000 unique visitors a month, and impressions per month are between 25,000 to 27,000.  Page Rank is 4 that according to experts is quite an achievement. The information is updated daily. The content is derived from the 3500 address as the online newsletter twice a week. Banner ad impressions per year over 6.5 million, and about 7,500 clicks. In this way we have a height of about 30% in comparison with 2012. We have a very well-maintained Facebook page, which also brings good visits. About  3- 4 pages are seen and the spent time is 4-5 minutes per person. Some of the articles and interviews from the magazine are published first in with a link to the magazine.
 Online magazine "1 to 1 in Construction" is a monthly issue received by over 3,500 subscribers as a newsletter. The publication presents the news and issues of the construction industry across the country and all over the world. Moreover, focusing on the latest technologies, interesting projects and implementations of leading architects and construction companies, innovative solutions, analysis and commentary on current events in the industry. One of our goals is to introduce people who build modern Bulgaria - tell about their work, achievements, interests, expectations, problems and how they solve them. Therefore, these people are the faces of our covers.
BUILDINGSTYLE - is held annually at the end of November and lasts for three days The  event is a professional meeting between the  companies - participants with  presentations and seminar guests - architects, designers and developers, investors.  Each of  participants companies have one hour to present their products or technologies, but they are not in competition. Another type to participate is with stand in front of the presentation hall or in the presentation hall.    

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