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‘LiftBalkans’ 2014 has successfully ended

‘LiftBalkans’ 2014 has successfully ended

Dear industry professionals,

We are pleased to announce the statistical results of ‘LiftBalkans’  held parallel to the ‘Energy Efficiency & Renewables’ and  ‘Smart Cities’ Exhibitions. Please see the Post Event Report here.

We are going to introduce the discussed topics during the first Lift Seminar.

In present press release we have included:

·         The resume of the presentation of Raimonda Sneigiene (EC) related the EU legislation
·         An information about new product launches of IZAMET.

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New accents in the Lifts Directive

Raimonda Sneigiene from the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, shedded a light on the implications of the New LiftS Directive.  The Directive 95/16/EC, known as the Lifts Directive – LD, on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to lifts, is a new approach Directive. It establishes European legal requirements for the design, installation and placing on the market of new lifts (i.e. placed on the market and put into service after 1 July 1999). It also sets out the conformity assessment procedures to be followed by lift installers to ensure conformity with these requirements. The provisions of the Directive are implemented in the national law of each Member State of the European Union.

The main objective of LD recast was simplification and improvement of existing Directive 95/16/EC within the EU's Better Regulation policy.  Is has the following objectives: to consolidate the key concepts of the new approach policy, to improve the evaluation and monitoring of CABs including the increased use of accreditation; to strengthen market surveillance  and to enhance the credibility of the CE marking.

Ms. Sneigiene focused on the changes in the obligations of the  lifts installers, safety components manufacturer, importers and distributors of safety components, notified bodies.

The results of the revision of the Lifts Directive are provisions related to the conformity assessment procedures in the lifts sector have been made consistent (editorial errors have been removed); the system of notification of the conformity assessment bodies (NBs) for the lifts sector has been strengthened (minimum requirements for NBs, system of coordination of NBs) and the market surveillance system for lifts sector has been enforced.



3 new product launches of IZAMET

IZAMET is one of the great Bulgarian elevator and escalator producers. It has strong positions not only on the local market, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Cypress, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Albania, etc.  The company has representatives in 9 European countries

IZAMET participated for the first time at ‘LiftBalkans’ 2014. It has launched 3 new products:

·         Platform for disabled people with capacity of 150 kg (one man with a cart);

·         Vertical platform for disabled people with capacity of 150 kg;

·         Vertical stair lift for disabled people with capacity of 250 kg.  

IZAMET is the fourth world manufacturer of elevators hanging on straps. This hang saves 70% of the electric energy and the tests carried out on "GUDA" double track strap, neither showed any abnormalities at 50 million cycles or more than 65 years of operation. Whereas, 10 million cycles are incremental for a rope.

On this basis IZAMET releases LP-14 elevator with a fantastic performance: speed of 0.63 m / sec., capacity of 400 kg/375 kg for 140x110 cm area for the cabin, with 15 meters lifting height, 6 stops and 20 cm bottom (dropout) and 250 cm from end stop to ceiling. This model has one device, as a patent for industrial design.  

The most nice surprise was the new model GENEZIS with unique cinematic hang (patent of IZAMET) allowing excellent parameters: capacity of 320 kg up to 2000 kg., speed of 1m/sec. up to 2.15 m/sec. with lifting height up to 70 meters and 50 cm shaft depth, 320 cm from end stop to ceiling, capacity of 2000 kg up to 4000 kg, speed of 1m/sec. and lifting height of 60 meters.

The installation is suitable for warehouses, parking lots and industrial enterprises with 4 tons at a speed of 0.5 m/sec. moves with 13,5 KWA motor. The same can be performed at a shaft depth of 80 cm and ceiling of 340 cm.

The three above mentioned models are implemented with unguided machines, on strap hang and are operated by "DANFOSS" inverter, without contactor, which provides 70% energy efficiency, complete quietness and reliability, as the perennial strap has a polyurethane surface and does not wear the friction washer.

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