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LiftBalkans and Smart Buildings will be the new accents in the 9th Eco Forum & Exhibition for SE Europe (29-31 May 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria)

LiftBalkans and Smart Buildings will be the new accents in the 9th Eco Forum & Exhibition for SE Europe (29-31 May 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria)

The world is transforming with extreme speed – the current model of overproduction and consumption is not eco-friendly and we all turn to look to the new economy, built on eco-innovation and high efficiency. In the near future, the thinking buildings will become an essential part of the urban environment, because they are adequately prepared to respond to the current challenges. They can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 50% to 70% and save 30% to 50% in water usage.

During the last years the conception of smart buildings has made a notable progress in Bulgaria and several buildings with BREEAM, LEED and DGNB certifications have been realized.

The big potential of the lift industry in the country is a good opportunity for foreign companies to explore and step on the Bulgarian market. According to the Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance Bulgaria has over 120,000 lifts. More than 80,000 of them need to be upgraded in stages over the next 10 years. It is recommended to install on the old lifts security systems, control of weight/load, -lighting, communication equipment and other safety items in the period 2013 – 2014.

Keeping pace with the global trends, LiftBalkans (elevators and escalators) and Smart Buildings (building automation and control systems) are the new highlights of the 9th Eco Forum and Exhibition for South-East Europe on Energy Efficiency, Green Energy and Waste Management, organized by Via Expo.


A wide array of building automation and management systems, elevators, components, energy efficient and renewable energy products will be on display.

Growing environmental awareness has led to an increase in patent applications for clean energy technologies, including smart buildings. The European Patent Office (EPO) will acquaint visitors with the latest trends and with the new classification scheme, thanks to which, the public can search worldwide patents relating to sustainable buildings. The Institution offers patent protection in up to 40 European countries.

The Black Sea Energy Cluster, working in the field of energy efficiency and green energy, will present its projects. The products of Raytex - videosurveillance, audio and video, communication, access control, fire and security systems – will be among the exhibits. The building automation solutions from the U.S. company Control4 will be demonstrated by Umen Dom. Techem Smart System is designed for remote reporting, control of consumption and daily monitoring on the operation of the different kinds of equipment. It will be showcased at the exhibition stand of Techem Bulgaria. Pestim Energia Ltd. (We Save Energy Ltd.) offers energy-effective heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. It is the official representative of InfraHEAT in Bulgaria and in the Region - the infrared heating panels save energy around 30%-50% compared with the conventional electrical heating appliances.


ILC is an Italian company which plans to step on the Bulgarian market. It supplies a wide range of components, spare parts or complete lifts: electric, hydraulic and MRL gearless. The company uses up-to-date engineering solutions in the lift systems 'Symbio'. It features space optimization - it does not require a machine room and it is еnvironment-friendly: lower consumption of a gearless machine and low maintenance costs.




Liftkom, the Bulgarian leader in the design, manufacture, installation and service of elevators, constantly develops new models and details. The company will present its product range. It includes passenger, panoramic, home, hospital and freight elevators with individual characters and futuristic design. For the period 2012 - March 2013 Liftkom completed a large number of projects in Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Kosovo,  

Germany, Macedonia and Albania. In 2004 Liftkom launched an import of escalators and moving walkways. Last year the company became the owner of ThyssenKrupp Elevators Bulgaria and it plans to start production and export of new models and types of elevators for ThyssenKrupp Middle East and ThyssenKrupp Africa.




Prolift will demonstrate the innovations in their lifts, the good practice in manufacture and assembling, as well as many energy efficient solutions for optimization and reduction of the electricity consumed by the lifts. The company offers complex decisions in the fields of elevators, escalators, travelators, lifts for people with disabilities and parking systems.

Trez is an engineering company which designs and manufactures lifts and lifting equipment. It is also a distributor of leading European companies, operating in this field. The company has developed its own products as a lifting platform Compact, home lift Trez Home, small freight kitchen elevator, Trez Lift Control Manager. Trez has an experience in the fields of hydraulics up to 100 bars, PLC management, putting into operation by electrical drive and mechanics. The latest projects are related to development of systems for electronic levelling of loading platforms with the floor level +-3 mm and of serial communication between the elevator's cabin, the main control and all HMI.

The solar technologies will catch again the spotlight. Building integrated and autonomous PV roofing-, facade- and window systems are identified as an attractive niche for the renewable energy market.

According to Bulgarian professionals, the forthcoming changes in the sector will be related to consolidation and transition from subsidized to real market model, the interest in photovoltaics will be provoked also by economic and environmental benefits.

Well-known companies will showcase their latest solutions at the Italian and Austrian Pavilions.


The organizer Via Expo has announced the speaker lineup - experts from the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE), Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), EuroAce, Pike Research, European Commission - DG Energy, European Patent Office, Energy Economics Group - EEG, etc. Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes, the President of the European Renewable Energies Federation, will address a keynote speech on the perspective for renewable energy in Europe. Investors, architects and engineers will have an opportunity to get useful knowledge on a wide range of topics. Nearly zero energy buildings, 10 trends in smart buildings, energy storage with renewable energy systems, etc. are the highlights in the program.

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