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Building Green

“Building Green” is a Greek triannual magazine and communications platform that attempts
to bring forth every aspect of Zero-Energy Building and Urban Space through an architectural approach, in order to become a source of information on sustainable architecture and the use of technology in the service of humanity.

Contemporary architecture features “smart”, zero-energy buildings, which consist of all the necessary automations while extensively integrating eco-friendly materials. Designed with an aim to facilitate their inhabitants and placed in a well-planned, sustainable urban space, buildings nowadays are truly efficient and “green”.

Our aim is to provide our readers with all the latest news concerning new technologies and products, as well as international, European and Greek legislation. In addition, we publish scientific studies and articles, as well as projects and interviews of renowned architects.
The magazine website,, offers full coverage of all the latest news and state-of-theart products, aiming to offer a complete overview of all the greatest developments in the sectors of Sustainable Architecture and Energy Management.
The website is the ideal spot to inform, promote and create contact points for all professionals. Its aim is to become a daily source of information for the professionals in the building sector. It develops relevant topics and simultaneously creates an index of all the companies and products that offer solutions as far as the green and energy independent buildings are concerned. The website is promoted through the magazine and an extensive Google Adwords campaign.




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