Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Smart Cities Section - Buildings, Mobility and Infrastructure 2022, IEC, Sofia / Postponed: seeSUSTAINtec 2021

Lighting in Smart Cities

Debut at VIVA at Smart Cities exhibition. The company will present solutions for industrial and architectural LED lighting, outdoor lighting, LED light sources.
See more of the interview with Mr. Anton Tomchev, Manager of VIVA Ltd.

Mr. Tomchev, would you please briefly present your company.

VIVA Ltd. is a manufacturer and importer of a wide range of lighting products under the brand VIVALUX®. We are a entirely Bulgarian owned company, established in 1997. The main business is sales and consulting about lighting products and solutions. In 2008 we launched our own brand VIVALUX®. Now - 10 years later, our portfolio includes over 900 products. Our efforts to enforce VIVALUX® brand are aimed at offering high quality products, energy-saving solutions, comfortable and safe to use, with a quality that meets European standards and competitive prices. We already have a wide distribution network throughout the country that provides us with a successful partnerships with DIY retail chains, building materials trading companies, many lighting and electrotechnical stores. We work on projects with investors, architects and designers. For several years, we've been working hard to develop VIVALUX on foreign markets, selling presently in 15 European countries.

What products do you offer to the industry?
The industry is a sector with high quality standards. Lightning of large spaces is a challenge which requires reliable LED products with excellent performance. Industrial lighting is a relatively new area for us and we are not very well known on this market, but we are rapidly improving and we are becoming more and more successful. Our proposals for successful lighting solutions in industrial, large commercial buildings and warehouses are luminaires with built-in sustainable LED sources and a special design that ensures their stable long-term performance - an extremely important condition in the usually difficult to reach places of installation.

What are your solutions for commercial sites and hotels?
VIVALUX is an extremely popular brand with sustainable quality in this sector. We understand that high-quality artificial lighting is undoubtedly very important for the visual comfort and perception of everyone at their workplace, at home or on vacation. We offer an extremely varied range that meets the technical requirements and design for the successful realization of the lighting installations. The latest LEDs we offer are even more simple and easier to install.

A wide variety of LED lighting is available in Bulgaria. How do your products stand out from the rest of the market?
The great variety is everywhere in the world, not only in Bulgaria. If today a brand succeeds in distinguishing itself from others in the vast sea of products offered, it is a real achievement. Behind this achievement there are a lot of incredible effort and energy in marketing, a selection of successful new products, regular quality control tests, brand vision and much more. VIVALUX products are recognizable as Vision, Reliability and Quality, the variety of the range in which we regularly include new, up-to-date lighting products. When we talk about product quality, we also mean our approach, way of working and attention to our partners and customers on the market. They are our benchmark for well-done work. We strive to be a very well organized and balanced company.

Who would you like to invite to your stand?
All visitors are welcome at our stand, we will be especially glad to present our latest products to Bulgarian and foreign commercial companies in the field of electrical installations, facility management companies, architects, electric designers and others. We strive to achieve greater awareness as a supplier in this sector - industrial and architectural lighting.

What will be your focus during the show?
The highlights of our stand will be new and interesting lighting products that are successful solutions in the field of lighting with a focus on industrial and architectural LED lighting, outdoor lighting, LED light sources. For the first time we will present to the visitors the latest VIVALUX product catalog for the year 2019, which features a new vision and an updated product portfolio.


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