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Maciej Gajda

Maciej Gajda, a sales manager for energy storage products at BMZ Poland. In the past also responsible for product development in the field of energy storage solutions. Maciej is responsible for new projects and sales support of currently existing portfolio as well as business development. He has gained years of experience in international companies related to the project area. Maciej has also worked in the renewable energy sector namely photovoltaic industry for Sunpower corporation. Moreover, he acted as a technical trainer and PV consultant. Maciej with his expert knowledge and experience highly supports the growth of solar industry in Poland. He has graduated from Technical University of Lodz (Business & Technology, MBA).

Lithium-ion Energy Storage System
Main points of speech:

1. BMZ in Poland and worldwide.
2. Market of electro-chemical energy storage.
3. Functionalities of BMZ lithium-ion batteries.
4. AC/DC coupled energy storage systems.
5. Installation and commissioning of energy storage plant.
6. Technical workshops using demonstration PV energy storage installation on BMZ factory.
7. Parallel connection of BMZ batteries – increasing system capacity.
8. 1,2,3 - phase energy storage installations.
9. Reference projects with BMZ batteries.
10. Future BMZ products and energy storage developments.
11. Industrial ESS solutions.

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