Waste Management & Recycling 16 – 18.04.2019
Waste Management & Recycling 16 – 18.04.2019

Madlena Vladimirova

2017-01-20 16:07:12

Madlena Vladimirova, project coordinator, Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts


  • University Degree Business Administration University of World and National Economics, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Postgraduate Degree Master of European Studies, Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, University of Hamburg, Germany - interdisciplinary study in Economics, European Law and European Policies

Work experience:

  • Consultant for EU funding Programmes, elaboration of projects proposal for grant funding by EC and other international donors, EU Service Contractor for external aid
  • Consultant and Business Development Manager of projects in the field of real estate, rural and agricultural  projects related to foreign direct investments in Bulgaria; surveillance and current status analysis of the macro-framework of the Bulgarian economic and legal environment
  • Publications in the area of EU accession of Bulgaria - analytical reviews of the membership requirements before and after the EU accession of Bulgaria; development and progress of Bulgaria in the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy

Experience in field of waste and waste water treatment:

  • Waste management and sludge treatment - modern, integrated and sustainable waste collection and treatment systems, adapted to the local conditions of the Bulgarian public and private users
  • Improved collection approaches with a special focus on treatment of biowaste and utilization of RDF
  • Smart sorting solutions for the public and private end users
  • Relevant solutions in waste management and waste water treatment for the industry

Project Coordinator of the CESME (Circular Economy for SMEs) Project funded by INTERREG EUROPE

„The presentation will pinpoint the main strategic objectives, the participants in the project and the activities within the framework of the implementation of the CESME Project – Circular Economy for SMEs, which is funded by the INTERREG Europe Programme. It will further elaborate on best national and international practices for circular economy and address the industrial symbiosis as a basis for synergies between the European SMEs.“





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