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Mila Vacheva, Manager at PHYTOPHARMA: We will present new products at Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2015

Mila Vacheva, Manager at PHYTOPHARMA: We will present new products at Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2015

Mrs. Vacheva, could you tell us about the activities of Phytopharma?

Our company has been present on the Bulgarian market for over 17 years. We are specialized in the production of effective food supplements. We constantly follow the tendencies of the market and develop new products. In 2012 we began a new high-tech development, which increased our production capacity considerably and affirmed the existing traditions in quality. Our equipment suits the current quality and safety requirements and we also incorporated the HACCP quality control system. We are supplied with raw materials by famous companies on the Bulgarian and worldwide market.

Could you present some of your products and what their use is?

From its establishment until today, Phytopharma has produced soft gelatine capsules based on oil-soluble vitamins, herbal extracts and essential oils. My team developed our own technology for capsulating water-soluble products. Here are some of our newest ones: ACED – a vitamin complex with an antioxidant effect, LuteMix – for eyesight care, Propolis – an immunostimulant, Phytodermin – containing ceramide complex as a main ingredient, which contributes to beautiful skin, and others.

Why do we need food supplements and in what combinations can they be taken?

If we lived in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need supplements. Stress, low quality food and water, pollution, the accumulation of toxins, etc., determine the need to add supplements to our enzymes for the normal work of our biochemical processes.

When taking a combination of food supplements, one must consider that there are many ways in which the intake of one food substance influences the absorbing of another. For example, minerals as a whole are much easier to absorb when combined with vitamin C or sour foods (tomatoes, citrus fruits or vinegar). On the other hand, substances like pectin, iron, zinc and aspirin lessen the absorption of vitamin C. Calcium and magnesium can become competitive for assimilation in the organism, when their intake is higher than 250 mg. When taking larger doses it is a good idea for each mineral to be taken at a different time. On the other hand, calcium and magnesium are better assimilated when combined with vitamin D.

The effect of an herbal product can often be improved when combined with another (synergism), or neutralize the effect of other substances (antagonism). An example of herbal synergism is mixing our products Bronchocaps and Antistress.

Does health culture change in Bulgaria?

Communications play a key role in improving the health culture of food supplement users. They are interested in publications and literature, which makes them much more informed. Consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of food supplements, as well as herbal products, and understand exactly what they need.

What can we expect to see at your stand in Sofia Sport & Healthy Life?

During the exhibition we will showcase the entire production of Phytopharma, as well as accentuate the popularization of our new line of products, which isn’t well known to consumers yet.

What motivated you to take part in the event?

We want to demonstrate to our potential and current clients that quality products can be produced in Bulgaria. Every contact, every opinion and evaluation is important to us, so that we can continue in the right direction.

What is your long-term strategy for a healthy life?

My strategy incorporates lots of movement and striving to obtain the food substances the body needs. These two factors are extremely important to maintaining your health, as well as controlling the stress level around us. My advice is: take care of your health, be positive and smile more!