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More and more investments in sport

More and more investments in sport

Interview with Theodor Kekevsky, Ruse Sports - manufacturer of sports equipment and exhibitor in Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2015.

Mr. Kekevsky, Ruse Sport offers a wide range of products. On which of them will you emphasize during the exhibition?

Ruse Sport is a company in the field of sports equipment, well-known on the market for more than 20 years. In the past few years, we have developed many new products for football, basketball and street ball, outdoor gym and mini golf. Our focus will be precisely on them.

What results do you expect and which are your potential clients?

Our clients are construction companies, companies trading with school supplies, hotels, schools, sports clubs and municipalities. Our partners abroad are traders and manufacturers in the industry, as well as private individuals. At Sofia Sport & Healthy Life we expect a wide range of potential customers to express interest.

There is a boom in construction of outdoor fitness in the cities. The municipalities are becoming more active with increasing interest in the European programs.
Which are the most popular products and will you surprise your customers with new solutions?

Over the last 10 years in Bulgaria we are observing a development of outdoor sports - this includes not only fitness, but also football, badminton, volleyball and street ball. We have developed more than 30 appliances for outdoor fitness and park furniture with great success. The demand is mainly for the combined and cardio equipment, which can be used by most age groups, combining sport and recreation in their free time. We are always designing new products both for mass production and by individual order.

You also offer home equipment – do Bulgarians practice sports at home?

Many private individuals prefer to purchase sports equipment from us as a manufacturer. Undoubtedly, it is more convenient to exercise at home but it is necessary to have enough space. Usually our customers order products that are placed outdoors, which implies own property.

Ruse Sport is an export-oriented company. On which markets are you present and towards which ones are you oriented?

The main market of our company is still Bulgaria. The trends are to invest more in sport and we rely on this growing market. We work with various clients from Europe, Australia and the United States, interest is growing in our country in recent years in response to weaker imports from China of certain sports products.