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No downtime for people and equipment with electric appliances of Iko-El Konstantin Stoyanov

Iko-El Konstantin Stoyanov will participate with an info desk in the International Forum “NO accidents”.

The company was established in 1994. The main directions in which it works are the installation and repair of low voltage (LV) electrical installations; Design, renovation and maintenance of systems for power factor correction (PFC); Offset capacity of cable networks - import, trade and installation of compensating reactors; Import, trade and installation of active filters for neutralizing harmonics in low voltage electrical networks; Energy monitoring equipment

Interview with Dipl. Engineer Konstantin Stoyanov, Company Manager

Mr. Stoyanov, what made you participate in the International Forum “NO accidents”?

The topic of this forum is very interesting and concerns extremely important questions about the trouble-free operation of installations and facilities in industry, agriculture, administrative buildings and other sectors of the economy.

We will take part in the forum “NO accidents”, where visitors and participants can get acquainted with some intriguing solutions for the trouble-free operation of low-voltage power systems.

I hope that our electric appliances will be interesting and useful for specialists in many industries.

What solutions will you provide and in what areas do they apply?

The electrical equipment presented by Iko-El Konstantin Stoyanov is used to provide trouble-free operation of electrical devices and installations in a number of industries such as metalworking and metallurgy, automotive, welding equipment, food, chemical, telecommunications, IT centers and business buildings and more.

We will mainly present electrical equipment in the following sections:

- Reactive power compensation in networks with harmonic pollution, caused by non-linear electrical loads.
- Active filters to eliminate harmonic pollution
- Portable apparatus for measuring the quality of electricity and energy monitoring in electrical networks
- Equipment for building SCADA energy monitoring systems

Tell us more about the benefits of putting them into practice?

We at Iko-El Konstantin Stoyanov have set to ourselves the goal of helping those companies that seek to develop and improve their work to reduce industrial accidents. Our work is also focused on companies launching activities in the direction of safe and trouble-free operation management.

The ambition of the above companies is to achieve a higher level of reduced accident and better utilization of the technical capabilities of installations and facilities.

The extended overhaul and trouble-free period of machines, technological lines and technical furnishings also gives great advantage to competitors with lower costs, significantly reduced material and financial losses from non-manufactured products and downtime for people and equipment.

Last, but not least, is the increase in the level of safety at work for the people employed in the production, as well as the technicians.

The implementation of accident-free solutions also increases energy efficiency as a whole.

Our concept is the understanding of the inextricable linkage between the trouble-free operation of units, facilities, process lines, etc. with quality, as well as energy efficiency - all of them go hand in hand.

We very much hope to attract the attention and interest of the participants and visitors of the “NO Accidents” forum to the equipment and solutions offered by Iko-El Konstantin Stoyanov.

Which companies are your customers?

In the years we have carried out the reconstruction of Power Factor Correction systems (PFC) in breweries, wineries, meat-packing plants, feed plants, pig-breeding complexes, machine-building companies, district heating companies and others. We have reactors installed to compensate for capacity in photovoltaic power plants and industrial plants.

We have recently installed active harmonic filters in the food industry with very good results. We are also about to launch new startup projects.

We look forward to seeing new customers, who have reviewed our suggestions, on this forum.

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