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Organic Products at Sofia Sport & Healthy Life

Organic Products at Sofia Sport & Healthy Life

Interview with Albena Simeonova, Chairman of the Board of Bulgarian Organic Products Association – exhibitor at Sofia Sport & Healthy Life


Mrs. Simeonova, Bulgarian Organic Products Association  participates for second year at  Sofia Sport & Healthy Life. What kind of visitors do you expect?
Organic products are delicious, healthy, save the nature, help  more job vacancies to be opened. Our products are for all the consumers in Bulgaria.

How many  producers are members of the Association at the moment?
More than 400.

Why it is so important to consume organic products?
They do not contain GMO, chemicals for plant protection. They are 100 % healthy.

What are the distinctive features of organic products?
The European logo for organic product is the main distinguishable mark. Also there must be a number of the certifying organization below. Bulgarian Organic Products Association  will have its own logo soon. It will be a guarantee  of organic origin of the products

What kind of products will you present at the event?
 At our stand fresh and dried organic fruits and vegetables , organic wine , organic juices , organic jam , organic tahini , organic herbs , organic cosmetics , organic nuts , organic pasta , organic flour, organic honey and derivatives organic dairy and animal products etc will be shown.