proPellets Austria

2012-01-27 15:42:15

about us
We're pro pellets!

ProPellets Austria is an association for promoting the diffusion of pellet heating. Association members are companies that are active in the pellet industry. These include pellet producers, pellet distributor, manufacturer of pellet boilers, pellet stoves and pellet stoves and central heating energy service companies, and offer manufacturers of storage systems and other companies, products and services with respect pellet.

The main tasks of proPellets Austria:

  •      Information about heating with pellets work
  •      Improving the policy framework for pellet
  •      Ensure optimal quality for the end
  •      Market research and publishing industry-specific data
  •      International cooperation
  •      Information hub for the member companies


 Geschaftsfuhrung von proPellets Austria

Hauptstr. 100
3012 Wolfsgraben (bei Wien)

T: +43 (0) 2233 70146-0
F: +43 (0) 2233 70146-9