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Recycling International

Recycling International will help you see the silver lining
Recycling International is an independent magazine reporting on the latest and most prominent global recycling developments spanning virtually all material types. The magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018.
Since it’s launch in the late 90s, Recycling International has become a highly valued source of information for established industry players as well as new recycling pioneers. The magazine provides in-depth, top quality, hands-on information to help recycling stakeholders navigate the ever-changing world market.

Our writers, who have vast experience of the recycling industry, follow the scrap markets on a daily basis and have built strong relationships with entrepreneurs, tech companies, institutions, government bodies and associations central to the recycling sector. Our team also produces the special edition title ‘Recycling Technology’ once a year.

Also; wherever our writers go, the magazine goes! which means Recycling International is on display at leading recycling trade shows and conferences around the world throughout the year.

Curious about certain niche markets? Good chance you will find a feature article about it in Recycling International. For example, the magazine regularly covers innovations and issues facing the e-scrap, automotive, aerospace, batteries, and packaging market.








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