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Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis


Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis covers the area of 7867km2 in the southeast part of Serbia and encompasses three districts - Nisava, Pirot and Toplica - with around 650,000 inhabitants in 787 populated towns and villages.  The seat of the RCC Nis is in the City of Nis, the centre city of the region, and the branch offices of the RCC Nis are located in Prokuplje and Pirot. Chamber is an interest-based organization which protects member’s long-term interests with full responsibility and provides non-financial business services. All activities conducted at the RCC Nis are dedicated to the support of economy in the region – the development of sustainable and export-oriented market economy through measures promoting business start-ups and strengthening of the existing companies.

The RCE Nis also provides support and services to its members and potential members regarding business information, economic policy, finance, insurance, foreign economic relations, fair and exhibitions, market opportunity, quality management, R&D, training and education, innovation, IT, etc. Since RCC Niš belongs to the chamber system of Serbia, it often cooperates with all other Serbian chambers and foreign chambers on issues and projects of regional, national or international importance. It also cooperates with other relevant institutions such as the University of Niš (or other Universities), National Service of Employment, the City of Niš, the Counties and Municipalities belonging to the region, the Regional Agency for the Development of SMEs, the Association of Craftsmen.