Energy Efficiency & Renewables 27 – 29.03.2018
Energy Efficiency & Renewables 27 – 29.03.2018

Renewable heating and cooling has potential in South-East Europe

2013-12-18 15:24:39

Renewable heating and cooling has potential in South-East Europe

If we have to choose from a number of factors, influenced to a greater extent the development of the global energy sector, the majority would perhaps pick the environment and especially climate change.


The innovative technologies for utilization of renewables and energy savings are the key players which could bring up the energy systems to a higher level.  


Two months left to the beginning of the annual Exhibition and Forum ‘Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy’ and ‘Smart Cities’ for South - East Europe that will be held from 5th  to 7th  March in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event is a partner of the ‘Let us build a world you like’ Campaign of Connie Hedegaard, EU

Commissioner for Climate Action and will encourage investments in the regional economies. 


In the current issue of our e-bulletin we will present you the latest news about it:

● Seminar ‘Rethinking District Heating and Cooling in Europe’, organized in collaboration with EuroHeat & Power

● Omnia Contractors,  EBIOSS Energyand Filter have joined the Exhibition

● Presentation of International Alternative Investment Review (I.A.I. Review)



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‘Rethinking District Heating and Cooling in Europe’


On 6th of March 2014 Euroheat & Power, Belgium will organize a special seminar in Sofia - Rethinking District Heating and Cooling in Europe. The thermal energy plays the most important role in the European energy demand. Heating represents the largest energy end-use in Europe, being responsible for approximately 50 % of total final energy consumption. Now 40 % of commercial and institutional buildings in Europe have cooling systems and demand is set to grow substantially.


Today heating demands are mainly covered by fossil fuels, cooling demands by individual electric chillers.  District Heating and Cooling provides a key infrastructure for enabling the collection of recycled and renewable energy from distributed resources and thus the replacement of fossil fuels for heating.


By 2020, this sector must accelerate the green transition. This shall be achieved through large-scale replication of best practice: better  valorisation of local resources, like renewable (incl. secondary biomass and waste) and surplus energy and by making District Heating and Cooling networks more efficient in relation to the use of new resources. In parallel, systems must evolve to provide even more flexible solutions. Important in this respect are the development of low temperature networks, the integration of innovative thermal storage, and the interaction with other energy networks (electricity and gas).


Transfer of know-how and optimisation of policies are essential for facilitating market penetration. Through these developments, District Heating and Cooling networks will function as the backbone of smart cities by 2030. The energy transformation relies on the involvement of communities. In order to give communities the possibility to choose the best energy mix, customers must be provided with the right tools and equipment. The District Heating and Cooling sector aims to support communities in their efforts to use energy more efficiently. Therefore, the sector needs to understand and anticipate energy demand developments in both the longer and shortest (from hour to hour) term.


Furthermore, a wider range of sustainable applications should be developed in order to enable customers to meet thermal demands by thermally driven appliances and thereby replace more primary energy intense electricity production. These solutions must be tailor-made to suit customers’ profiles and applicable to different scales from city wide networks to smaller neighbourhood solutions. Equipped with modern, future-proof District Heating and Cooling systems, smart cities and communities will be empowered to optimally exploit the energy transformation for the benefit of their citizens.






EBIOSS Energy was established as a holding structure for acquisition of shares and managerial control of companies developing projects in the waste to energy sector. These projects include establishment and operation of power plants using waste.

The strategic plan of EBIOSS Energy aims at closing the cycle of waste valorisation, including three business areas, which assembled together provide a key advantage to the company:

- Creating value from waste - expertise for waste utilisation

- Technology for power generation – design, building and maintenance of power plants - the installed capacities vary from 500kWe/h  to over 10 MWe/h.

- Energy generation and sale – development and operation of power plants.


EBIOSS Energy is listed on Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB).




FILTER is a concern with representations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Bulgaria. It offers high-quality equipment mostly to industrial plants undertakings, boiler houses, combined heat and power and water treatment plants.

The main company activities are steam boilers, warm and hot water boilers, burners and other boiler plant equipment, gas engines for cogeneration plants, pumps and automation equipment.


FILTER provides also industrial automation components and systems for different industrial processes as well as distributed control systems. It has in the company program HVAC automation systems as well as Building Management Systems (BMS).


GE Jenbacher, Autoflame, SPX Marley are among the business partners of FILTER.




The activity of Omnia Contractors is orientated to the construction, repair and maintenance of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems. It provides its customers with home and business solutions.


Omnia Contractors has a wide range of renewable energy -, plumbing-, electrical and IT systems.


An exclusive partner of Omnia Contractors is OCHSNER, producer of the highest class heat pump systems.  It was the first manufacturer in the world to be awarded the international D-A-CH quality mark by an independent committee of experts. OCHSNER heat pumps roll off a professional series production line.


The company offers also the method for application of the ‘Smart House’ conception which increases comfort, security and effective energy management.




IAIR is a global independent publication and one of the fastest growing magazines worldwide concerning global economy and sustainability. It is also the first in its niche, according to Alexa – Amazon, for international ranking and number of readers. To see more about the ranking.


IAIR and ( enjoy a prominent position among international media and institutions thanks to the work of dedicated legal, economic, and financial journalists in over 50 countries worldwide. It publishes in-depth analysis written by global economists, politicians, and Nobel Prize winners, such as Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nouriel Roubini, Michal Spence, Laura Tyson, Yu Yongding, Kenneth Rogoff, Daniel Gros and Raghuram Rajan.


International Alternative Investment Review (I.A.I. Review) delivers news that is hard to find anywhere else about events in the business and financial community and the best ideas and themes in the investment and sustainability sectors.IAIR focuses on the fastest growing segments within these urgent and dynamic sectors, including Green Economy, Hedge Funds, Corporate Excellences, Law, Philanthropy,Property, etc. The magazine is distributed at principal events in the world and spread by Amazon bookstore, Zinio, iPhone, iPad and Android applications.

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  • NIBE and of Ochsner heat pumps will be presented at the ‘EE & RE’ Exhibition for South-East Europe
  • Intelligent energy technologies will move towards South-East Europe to the sustainable development
  • CPM Europe and Filkab will participate in the ‘Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy’ Exhibition 2014
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  • Renewable heating and cooling has potential in South-East Europe
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