Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 16 – 18.04.2019
Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 16 – 18.04.2019

Exeron - a Bulgarian smart solution in the energy sector

2013-10-23 06:16:18

Interview with Alexander Rangelov, CEO of International Power Supply (IPS)

Please provide a brief description of your products and specify the field they are used in.

Currently IPS manufactures 33 different products. Our power systems are used in Renewable energy sector, Telecommunications, Energy, Defense, Agriculture, and any other fields where the aim is to achieve safe and reliable power supply combined with maximum efficiency.  

Tell us more about Exeron – a hybrid modular system for autonomous power supply.

We developed Exeron about 2 years ago. This was our top innovation. The system was recognized in Munich as the first and only modular hybrid system worldwide. The particular in Exeron is the capability of combining 5 energy sources in 1 system – sun, wind, batteries, diesel generator and grid, if there is one available. Exeron is entirely based on a modular structure. It has many advantages - high efficiency, lowering the costs of the conventional energy, unified structure, easy repairing and maintenance, replacing a module takes only a few seconds in case of a defect, extremely small size, mobility etc. The system ensures full energy independence and can be monitored remotely from everywhere in the world that has access to the global network. The redundant energy, that is unused by the loads, can be stored in batteries for further use or it can be back feeded to the grid.

Exeron allows establishing of an autonomous and integrated power supply system with capacity up to 65 MW in paces of 2 kW. At the same time, the system can provide energy storage in batteries - up to 315 MWh. It has application in various areas - from power pumps for extraction of water, through power supply of single houses and sites for mobile telecom operators to power supply of entire residential neighborhoods.

Where do you see the potential of our market in intelligent energy solutions?

In practice, smart energy solutions can be applied everywhere. Increasingly, those solutions are integrated into everyday life, as they help to achieve energy efficiency and autonomy, which are primary elements affecting every citizen.

Which will be the leading trends in the coming years?

On the background of growing prices of electricity and electrical instability such systems will become increasingly relevant. The Energy independence, the efficiency and the autonomy will increasingly take leading positions on a global scale.

IPS takes part at exhibitions around the world – just to mention some of them from the last year: EE and RE, Intersolar, GulfSol and PowerNigeria. What is their role for the expansion of your business?

We focus on the markets in Africa and Middle East, so the role of these local and international exhibitions is key to our business. These are emerging markets and in these countries, the need for electricity is paramount.

What do you expect from your participation in the exhibition for EE and RE and Smart Cities in 2014?

In the next year's edition IPS expects to meet many new friends, clients and partners within the country.

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