Energy Efficiency & Renewables 16 – 18.04.2019
Energy Efficiency & Renewables 16 – 18.04.2019

Sanja Popovska-Vasilevska

2017-01-20 16:06:24

Ass.Prof. Sanja Popovska-Vasilevska, University St.Kliment Ohridski, Faculty of Technical Sciences - Bitola

Ass.Prof. Sanja Popovska-Vasilevska, employed at the University St.Kliment Ohridski, Faculty of Technical Sciences - Bitola. Mechanical Engineer (thermal technique / energetic), graduated in 1991yr. at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Univ. St. Cyril and Methodius. Post-graduate specialization 1992yr. (9 month course) in Pisa Italy, International Institute for Geothermal Research. Master degree acquired in 1996yr (process technique) at the Faculty of Technical Sciences - Bitola.

PhD studies completed 2007yr. in Oradea, Romania at the University of Oradea, Faculty of Energy Engineering. Involved in - renewable energy (geothermal and solar) for thermal energy generation and energy efficiency as an inevitable part. Member of: ZEMAK – Macedonian energy association, IGA - International Geothermal Association, EGEC - European Geothermal Energy Council, MAGA - Macedonian geothermal association (president), OPM - Consumers organization of Macedonia (president of the energy commission), Solar Macedonia - Macedonian solar energy association (vice president). Has organized and realized many events (workshops, seminars, courses, debates, meetings) related to RES and EE.

Has spent more than 20 trainings related to geothermal and solar energy, heat pumps, energy efficiency and cleaner production. Subjects covered by the university lectures and tutorials: cooling equipment, refrigeration systems, greenhouses, heat pumps, HVAC, non-conventional energy systems, modern energy plants, sustainable use of natural resources and systems for environmental protection.

Has given many lectures on trainings for direct use of geothermal energy, solar energy and energy efficiency. Participated (workshops, public debates, book reviewer and proposals, key speaker, leader of session) at many events and activities. Participant and coordinator in more than twenty research, development and application projects. Author and co-author of 9 books, infotech, several brochures, more than 50 national and 120 international papers (collections and professional press).


Geothermal energy use in Macedonia - present status and perspectives

Macedonia is characterized with low-temperature geothermal energy utilization, while the medium and high-temperature potentials are still not explored. Nevertheless, even the present available resources are by far underutilized.
Main part of the exploited thermal waters in Macedonia is in use mainly by agricultural consumers and thermal spas.

Macedonia has rich and long experience in geothermal energy use, which confirms the existence of wide range of application possibilities, reliability in exploitation, and economy in use, despite the applied energy relatively obsolete technologies. If compared with the other RESs, neither but the geothermal offers highest reliability of supply and lowest price of the used energy.

The use of geo-heat pumps is extensive, but there are no any formal and reliable data on these, leading to conclusion that this sector is not regulated at all.

Taking into account the economy state of the country, for already three decades there is no any significant progress in the geothermal status. Except rare cases of undertaken reconstructions and optimizations of the existing project, the general picture is even worse than before.







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