Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Smart Cities Section - Buildings, Mobility and Infrastructure 2022, IEC, Sofia / Postponed: seeSUSTAINtec 2021

Smart Building Automations Solutions from Vilmat and ELKO EP

Smart Building Automations Solutions from Vilmat and ELKO EP
Interview with Daniela Baykova

Vilmat provides quality services thanks to constant innovation. Tell us about the solutions that you will be presenting at Smart Cities?

Our company has 25 years of experience. The majority of the time we participate in automation projects. We have many attractive solutions for public buildings related to resource management and comfort. In recent years, more and more homes have a need of such a product. People are focusing on issues related to security and reduction of energy consumption in their homes. Therefore, this year we would like to present our solutions for Smart Homes.

You will participate along with your Czech partner ELKO EP. What are the advantages of their products?

Elko IP have a long history and extensive experience. INels is a subsidiary specializing in the production of products for home automation. It has a large development center, a highly modern production and a large representation on the international market. Their main advantages are related to the quality of their products.

What type of clients are your products suitable for?

At the exhibition we turn entirely to homeowners. We have solutions for homes that are being constructed or are under major renovation but also for already built interior, where wiring is impossible. We will present a really wide range of products specializing in this area, including interior solutions such as touch panels and TVs embedded in the mirrors.

 What are the benefits of introducing building automation systems?

The main benefits are associated with the ability to manage all resources in a building or a home - electricity, heat, gas, water, alternative energy sources. These systems can be monitored but can also be managed using a given scenario or a database of meteostations and / or temperature sensors, lighting and presence. This type of automation significantly reduces energy costs. It provides preventive functions and allows to plan costs. For example, managing the lighting in a home is the least we can do for the environment today.

On the other hand, systems for home and building automation allow integration with security systems. This, in combination with remote access provides an additional opportunity for owners to control their home.

There is also a fun aspect, such as the management of multimedia. It provides a great opportunity to reduce the number of remotes at home and ensure comfort for adults and control over the children.

Can you share some of your most interesting projects?

The last two projects in which we took part were really major.

San Stefano Plaza is a highly functional complex in which we have 3 automation systems: Offices and Shops, 123 apartments, and complete automation and energy management. The project also includes integration with all weak current installations and the construction of a single command center. BMS was built with Schneider Electric products and the level of integration is the highest possible at this stage of development.

The private secondary school "St. George” is another project we are particularly proud of. BMS controls all facilities and systems built in the school. There is full control over the microclimate of the classrooms, several multimedia systems and the specialized system for access control, Hezid, which increases the ability to ensure students’ security.



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