Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Smart Cities Section - Buildings, Mobility and Infrastructure 7-9 April 2020, IEC, Sofia

Smart grids and Smart meters on Smart Cities 2019

They will be presented by Green Embedded Systems Ltd. The Bulgarian R&D company will take part in the exhibition for the first time. We have the CEO of the company, Mr. Panayot Daskalov, to answer a few short questions:

Mr. Daskalov, tell us a little bit about your company and the solutions you will present at the expo.

We are 100% Bulgarian company, developing solutions mainly in the area of Smart grids, Smart meters, industrial and home automation. We offer the complete eco-system for implementing those solutions I.e the measurement and communication devices, together with Web-based software for monitoring and visualization.

What will you present at the Smart Cities 2019 expo?

The emphasis will be on our latest development, which is a novelty on the global market. This is a 60A direct energy meter for home use, with built-in Wi-Fi and with the size of a standard fuse. We will present the product together with the mobile and blockchain solutions of the Bulgarian company Quanterall Ltd. Separately we will show our new models of modular industrial automation concentrators.

What are the advantages of your products?

Above all, I would distinguish, the extremely small size, high functionality, the possibility of any software and hardware changes to meet customer needs and competitive prices.

How does the use of smart meters reduce power consumption? Are they accessible to everyone?

To begin with, one has to have a clear and accurate idea of how much energy he consumes, expressed in both money and kW. All this information should consumed and presented in the most convenient way possible and in real time, and for this purpose there is no better means than the mobile phone. When this information is available, anyone can make informed decisions, can he reduce this consumption, such as shut down or reduce a consumer, and then immediately observe the effect of his actions. This creates a culture of responsible use of energy, which is both useful and fun. Our main goal is to make these products accessible to the general public, and this can only be done at affordable prices and the possibility of an easy and inexpensive installation without the need for expensive wiring. With our new home energy meter, the installation takes as much effort as changing a standard fuse in your dashboard.

What visitors do you expect to meet at your booth?

I hope to meet both professionals looking for industrial automation solutions and ordinary people interested in affordable home energy monitoring solutions.





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