Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Smart Cities Section - Buildings, Mobility and Infrastructure 2022, IEC, Sofia / Postponed: seeSUSTAINtec 2021

Smart home and business automation are already a reality. How does the VAiOS Smart System respond to individual customer needs?

Nine years of smart solutions for Bulgarian and world market. Smart home and business automation is a reality with the VAiOS Smart System. Extremely flexible with monitoring and control available worldwide.
Automation and control.

VAiOS is the brand hardware and software products produced by the trade group in Bulgaria.
They will be presented at the Smart Cities exhibition from 16 to 18 April 2019 in Sofia.

Interview with Mr. Dimitar Todorov, Managing Director of the VAiOS Sales Group

Mr. Todorov how did you choose the name VAiOS?

VAiOS is an abbreviation of Veldim All in One Solution. In short, our goal is our customers to receive multi-layer and quality service from one supplier. Our business group is a union of several companies. Thanks to the expertise and experience we have, we offer our customers innovative solutions. By produce software and hardware we are able to achieve process optimization, greater control and profitability of our customers' businesses.

What will be the focus of your participation?

In our presentation of Smart Cities 2019 we will focus on hardware and software automation. We will also make real presentations of the systems we have built, as well as reviews of our most interesting Bulgarian and international projects.

How do the solutions you offer differ from others on the market? What makes you different?

The solutions we offer are mostly customized, making them unique to each customer. The branding and vision of both software solutions and hardware products is made to the customer's requirements thanks to our experience and professionalism.

We advise them how to functionally design their smart home, building, hospital, and so on.We have a design, hardware, software and installation department that makes us unique on the market because we have closed the entire process and the maintenance department contributes to the reliability of the systems and their proper functioning.

Your VAiOS Smart system is designed on a modular basis. What are the modules that are used and the benefits to customers of that?

Our system is divided into Lego-type modules (hardware and software modules) that can be combined into individual solutions for our customers.The Lego-like system allows us to quickly upgrade the existing main product to a specific design customized according to customer needs.The hardest and most time-consuming part of creating specific solutions for smart homes is the creation of customized software. Thanks to the modules of our system, we can reduce the execution time.A big plus for our customers is that they do not have to pay for anything superfluous that they will not use. Starting from basic capabilities, the system can be upgraded.

What are the stages that occur in the construction of each VAiOS Smart System?

Design - After agreeing the assignment with the assignor, we develop a detailed design;
Manufacturing - Manufactures the modules and plants that make the system work;
Delivery and installation - a team of professionals delivering and assembling all systems;
Service and support - Periodic support from our qualified specialists on site or remotely from our software department.

You offer individual solutions to companies and consumers. Tell us about some recently completed projects.

During this and last year, we had some of our most interesting projects. All of our projects can be found on our site, but we'll introduce some more interesting.
1. One of them is the only Smart Fitness in Bulgaria, I would say.

The order was for the new ultramodern fitness center in Varna – FitnessLine. In constructing the hardware and software system entirely made by Veldim,the smart system united the premises access, including showers, by integrating virtual credits.We also included the video surveillance that we built, and modern accounting based software, offering convenient control of customers.The system includes the manufacture and installation of special shaped shower readers.For the first time access control readers are built into the mirrors of the changing rooms. By them, the customer can unlock contactless their locker.Also unique for Bulgaria is the system for distribution of locker rooms. Upon initial check by the customers, the system automatically gives them a locker number.The locker will be available untill the end of their training. Web-based system allows customers to recharge their cards via internet as well as onsite at the reception.Touch screen monitors with built-in reader for access control provide information on transactions and customer training. A training schedule and an individual program can be uploaded to the client's account, easily accessible in the fitness hall and on the internet.

This Smart fitness is the most innovative-one so far on the Bulgarian market.Amazing system that cares for the comfort of visitors and also gives control to business owners.

2. We are currently developing a system for two major Dutch rental companies. As a company that manufactures intelligent and innovative systems, we develop products and services that will help property management.

It is a combination of hardware and software. With web remote control, the system will combine new technologies and ecological systems.

With nowadays globalization and migration of large groups of people from one continent or country to another, the rental market is becoming more and more difficult to manage. With our system the owner can:

- To give or receive access to the property from a distance by setting codes.In this way we can manage the apartments or other properties easily, even if they are not in the same city or country

- Track bills and costs and use of resources.

- Guaranteed rental payment because otherwise the owner can stop the tenant's access to the property from distance.

The tenant :

- Can manage and view the resources that are used.

- Can pay bills and rent directly through the software. Since the system works with electricity, it can be combined with new energy sources (solar panels, etc.)

3. We successfully designed, delivered the equipment and built a smart bath in Brussels, Belgium. The devices allow controlling the flow of water. The system is fully automated, the classic water taps are replaced by smart readers. Each holder of a bracelet, chip or card can check what the period / temperature of the water is. It can be controlled by both - the system administrator and the user. This order was for one of the leading logistics companies in Europe.

4. In one of the newest business buildings in Sofia, we have manufactured and installed a multimedia system with integrated management.

Monitor and Info Point Control System which allows the management of an entire multimedia infrastructure on an object.It can be added into building automation and in needs to display and sound an evacuation message on all monitors and multimedia devices.

The system includes software and hardware security.

- Easy-to-use software with separate folders for text messaging, photos, slide show, videoclips.Files are uploaded to the principle "browse" and run by the software.

- Online Broadcasting possibility - Direct real-time visualization of a website on all monitors.

- Distant control possibility - must be provided internet access to the server and the software can be accessed on any Internet device, including mobile.

- SSL protection of the system and separate administration accounts.

All visitors to the event in 2019 will be able to find out about our other innovative and interesting projects.

Who would you like to invite to your stand?

With our products and solutions, we could be useful to customers who want to automate their home, car, business, and buildings.

Everyone is welcome.We hope to have interesting interviews and provocative themes as well as on the past exhibitions we have participated in.It definitely makes us improve our technology and makes us better. And what better communication from this face to face, where you can discuss specific ideas and suggestions.


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