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28 – 29.06.2018
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Stephan Kozhukharov


Stephan Kozhukharov
received his Ph.D. degree in 2010, with a specialty in Technology of silicates and binding substances and high temperature melting non-metallic materials, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM)–Sofia, (Bulgaria). His doctoral thesis was entitled: “Investigation and evaluation of nano-composite hybrid coatings for corrosion protection”. Kozhukharov received his M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering in 2004 from the Faculty of metallurgy and material sciences at UCTM– Sofia, with a specialty in Silicate materials, title of thesis: “Elaboration and characterization of red ceramic pigments with perovskite structure”, presented also in UJI – Castellon (Spain). He is author and co-author of more than 71 publications, and 3 book chapters, related to the advanced corrosion protection systems and ceramic sensor elements.

Approaches for Corrosion Protection of Aluminum and its Alloys

Stephan Kozhukharov, Christian Girginov

University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia

The transport is the backbone of modern economics, providing delivery of goods and migration of people around the world. Nowadays, the Al and its alloys find various applications in the aircraft, marine and automotive industries. However, these alloys are susceptible to various corrosion effects, predetermined by both the features of the respective alloy and the surrounding environment.   

In this sense, the preliminary surface treatments are of crucial importance for the adhesion of the coating to the metallic surface. Especially, the anodization of aluminum is a relatively simple method for obtaining of highly ordered surface morphology with rather interesting properties and repeatable characteristics.

The current presentation reveals the possibilities of the application of anodized aluminium oxide (AAO) layers for: (i) decorative surface layers, (ii) efficient corrosion protection, (iii) mechanical strength and friction resistance; (iv) sensor element components; (v) alternative energy sources, such as fuel and solar cells, etc.

Finally, the capabilities of our research group are presented, regarding the elaboration and characterization of various types of AAO, like porous, hard anodized layers, and also additionally incorporated metallic compounds and organic dyes.   
Acknowledgements: The authors are grateful for the funding of this research under contract BG16RFOP002-1.001-0266 (OP Competitiveness).


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