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System "StudyFUN“ – a different solution for e-learning

Interview with Mr. Jaroslav Tauber, Trade Manager of “Tatung-Czech Republic”

Since its founding in 1918 Tatung has become the group Tatung (www.tatung.com). Tatung is a pioneer in the development of a national smart grid in Taiwan and a leading brand for energy saving systems and products. Decisions of Tatung can easily be applied to fields, smart buildings and smart home, health and surveillance systems. One of the many achievements microgrid system for the Country Pingtung,

Taiwan prize Initiative for Energy Smart Communities "of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), and the prize for innovation of the Council of Science and Technology of Taiwan.

Eng. Tauber, in which areas develop Tatung-Czech Republic?

- [JT] Tatung Czech Republic as a branch of Tatung, was established in 2005 in Pilsen, a factory producing LED (LCD) televisions and computer monitors. Thanks to the global strategy of Tatung Group was transformed two years ago in a trade or business office in Prague (www.tatung.eu).

Our intentions are in the field of intelligent solutions (Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Building), and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as solutions for systems of renewable energy sources. Because they are the solution to reduce harmful gas emissions associated with electricity production. The main strategy of the Tatung-Czech Republic is spreading in Europe about Tatung products and services of the Group.

Where coordinates its activities the company? Which countries offer their products?

- [JT] As pointed out, we started in the Czech Republic and distribute its activities in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and especially Bulgaria, where we created a small branch with a focus and sale of photovoltaic panels. Participate in the national program "Green energy savings" in the Czech Republic and "Green energy for domestic needs" in Slovakia.

The company offers innovative photovoltaic panels. What are their advantages over others on the market?

- [JT] Most notably, the high efficiency that can reach 18.3% in monocrystalline and 17% in polycrystalline modules. Also PV panels are very resistant to hailstones and static load. And a minimum reduction of efficiency (0.62%), in case of difference in solar radiation: 1000/200 W / m².

Tatung for the first time will participate in the exhibition in Bulgaria. What do you imagine?

- [JT] Predimno- photovoltaics and smart solutions. In the beginning we will focus on customers who need solutions PV systems. At the stand of TCZ will show and innovative teaching system "StudyFUN".

Who are the customers targeted by your products? Who do you expect to meet at the stand of Tatung of 2017 EE § RE exhibition?

- [JT] If we will find some partners for pilot projects, then we can say that our participation in this event was successful. We are also coming with a different solution to improve the process of learning in kindergarten and primary school. It is a system "StudyFUN", which was the 2015 winner APICTA Award in the category of e-learning. In the Czech Republic we have a lot of positive feedback and hope that Bulgaria will be a situation similar.













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