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The Cluster Sofia City of Knowledge

Combines the efforts of business with the intensive knowledge sectors with the municipality, research institutes, development, educational and financial organizations for transforming the city of Sofia from a traditional administrative capital into an Intelligent City.

Through its activities, the cluster will support the implementation of the Strategy for Smart Specialization and the more efficient use of the human and material resources of the city to develop a "knowledge economy" in Sofia.

The strategic objective of the cluster is to build its own model for a city of knowledge and create investment prerequisites for its realization through business initiatives and projects to manage for the benefit of members and the entire innovation ecosystem of the city.

Through its activities Cluster Sofia city of knowledge will create prerequisites for turning the city into a national and regional center for education, modern research, innovation and entrepreneurship, based on new intelligent technologies by mobilizing own and attracted resources. Being an open association of unlimited number of interested representatives of business, science and education Cluster Sofia city of knowledge envisages to organize its own capacity to efficiently use the human and material resources of the city in creating an "innovative ecosystem" based on the experience of leading cities of Knowledge in the world.

Basis will be the management of cooperation and interaction between companies in two main thematic areas: Informatics and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and new technologies in the creative and recreational industries.


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