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The healing power of plants will be showcased at Sofia Sport & Healthy Life. The flower remedies of Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Bach’s System
Interview with Mrs. Zaharieva, manager of  Tintet  Ltd –  exhibitor at Sofia Sport and Healthy Life

Mrs. Zaharieva, flower remedies have been used for curing different diseases since ancient times. Present us Dr. Bach’s system briefly.

The choice of flower remedies is based on the specific way one reacts to life situations. The ultimate aim of the therapy is to cure us by helping us become more balanced and happier. Dr. Bach’s drops can support us a lot in different stressful situations in our day lives:

  • When experiencing strong lack of self-confidence
  • Apathy and denying reality
  • In all cases of having a sudden physical or psychological shock
  • When working in stressful environment
  • When fearing to visit a dentist
  • When receiving really stressful news
  • In all cases of strong anxiety and fear
  • Before having an exam or job interview, important meeting or public speaking
  • Before sport competitions
  • Helps clearing one’s mind and enhances concentration

Has very good influence on children, pregnant women and all the problems concerning their growth (fear, destructive undesired thoughts or difficult adaptation in the kindergarten or school).On people with other chronic diseases, who spent too much time in fighting and hoping for healing. As a supportive therapy when having fear neurosis, phobia and panic attacks.

What are the most common combinations?

It is hard to tell what are the most common combinations since every single person is unique and that’s where the flexibility of the therapy comes from. I’ll give an example: two different persons with the same problem (let’s take fear for instance) have different reactions and sensations. Every single one of them experiences his/her suffering in different way and therefore the choice of combination for each of them will be different, nevertheless the problem is the same.

Can babies and small children take in Dr. Bach’s flower remedies?

The therapy is an absolutely harmless cure for babies, small children and pregnant women. It does not cause allergy and there’s no danger of overdosing! There are sugar granules for the little creatures that do not contain alcohol and are appropriate for their fragile age.

You organize courses and seminars. Who can take part in them?

Yes, there is a training called “Tuition in therapy with Dr. Bach’s drops” at center Orenda111. Anyone can take part in and gain the necessary knowledge!

What is the aim of creating center Orenda111? Where is it suited?

Center Orenda111 is a center for the body, mind and soul!
It is suited at the heart of Sofia city, 45 Vitosha Blvd., on the first floor. It is an opportunity to present different methods of spiritual growth and healing to a larger circle of people. A place where you can find something for yourself and relax. At center Orenda111 yoga and pilates practices take place every day, we have masseurs and medical beautician at our clients’ disposal, and Bulgarian and international lecturers hold their courses and trainings there.

What kind of visitors do you expect at the exhibition?

I have no expectations! All are welcome! It’s nice to meet all kinds of people, it enriches you!