Energy Efficiency & Renewables 16 – 18.04.2019
Energy Efficiency & Renewables 16 – 18.04.2019

The Intelligent Technologies have their Market in Bulgaria

2013-12-11 12:17:52

The Intelligent Technologies have their Market in Bulgaria

Nowadays designers, engineers and architects worldwide integrate into their projects intelligent technologies that save energy, mitigate climate impact and provide a better living environment.

A few months are remaining to the beginning of the exhibition and conference for South-East Europe "Smart Cities" and "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy".The aim of the event is to encourage investment in new technologies and to demonstrate the benefits of their wider application.

In this issue of our electronic newsletter we will introduce two Bulgarian companies participating in the upcoming event:

● Clicko, which is specialized in developing solutions for telemetry and telematics
● Leader Light - manufacturer of LED lighting

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Interview with Ivayla Docheva, Leader Light - Bulgaria

Tell us more about your LED products and what are their advantages in terms of economy, service life and maintenance?

Our LED lamps are environmentally friendly, they contain no hazardous substances, they are 100% recyclable, without ultraviolet radiation, maximum (lossless) conversion of electrical energy into light, resistant to shock and vibration, reliable operation in all weather conditions (e.g. zero temperatures), life over 50,000 hours, quick and easy mounting, low maintenance costs. LED lamps reduce energy consumption by up to80%.

All products of Leader Light - Bulgaria have EU certification and CE marking. They are manufactured in Bulgaria from the LED chip to the end product - the lamp.

Please acquaint us with the PLC technology used in systems for remote reading of energy consumption. What are the real benefits of its application?

PLC is a technology for intelligent monitoring and control in industrial applications. It is realized through existing infrastructure of the power grid. By means of it data is transmitted, then it is processed and analyzed by using a modem. It is very widely used in several fields - monitoring and management of: street lighting, building automation, solar systems and others. The main advantage of the technology is obtaining results in real time that are measured and analyzed and a signal may be transmitted for systems control. It has been recently developed by a team of experts in Leader Light - Bulgaria.

Can you communicate some interesting examples from your practice; do you think that the market for energy efficient appliances will grow?

We make lighting of kindergartens, hospitals, workshops, warehouses, building facades - our idea is not only to sell lighting for offices and other workplaces, but also to contribute to productivity by offering adequate lighting in the workplace. In factories, operating rooms, parlors and kindergartens good light leads to better employment and working environment for the end user and higher productivity as a result of it.


After these steps we believe that the market for energy efficient appliances in Bulgaria will inevitably grow. Quality lighting (e.g. two-/three-shift working hours with constant brightness and high power saving) contributes to quality production and competitive items, and our customers get convinced in the benefits of LED lighting in the long term.

Leader Light - Bulgariawill participate in the exhibition for a second consecutive year - what is motivating you and what are the products you will focus on?

We will join the event for a second consecutive year because visitors of the exhibition are varied. We meet face to face both ordinary users and specialists in the field. Thus we are abreast of market demand and at the same time we are able to educate the general public, customers and end users for new technologies. Transparency that the European Community requires from us as a manufacturer is demonstrated in direct and figurative sense in place by using lighting measuring devices and other important parameters of lighting.

We will again rely on office, industrial and street lighting, but also on some design solutions. We also accomplish individual orders for customers according to strictly specific requirements.



Interview with Kalin Nakov, owner of Clicko

Where does the name Clicko come from?

Before starting our company, we developed a Bluetooth remote control for anything that can be turned OFF and ON. The first prototype had a relay producing clicking sounds, so we decided to call it Clicko (from the word "click").

You're a young and successful company. Tell us please something more about your products.

We believe that through the smartphone and its peripherals like smartwatches, Google Glass, etc. one can open doors, disarm alarm systems, open garages, turn lights on and share access withfriends and colleagues through the social networks. To accomplish this we develop a universal telematic platform for remote control of electronics through a smartphone (Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, NFC) and Internet (web browser). We support all browsers and we have native applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone authored by a team of incredibly experienced specialists. The applications of this platform are innovative systems for access control and monitoring of alarm systems, vehicle telematics, irrigation systems, etc.

In which domains are your technologies applicable and what is your target market?

Our platform is usable in all areas of the real life which can become part of the virtual world through the smartphone and Internet. The application is very wide, because these technologies are just emerging. From one side, there is a big demand from the new generation to control everything with the smartphone, on the other hand there are many companies developing real products and they want to respond to this demand, but have neither the finance nor the team needed to implement such advanced products. Full integration of a simple electric lock, alarm, vehicle or electromechanical system with a smartphone and Internet opensanincredibly big market worldwide. We do not offer a complete product for the end user. Instead we offer a complete B2B solution targeting manufacturers and integrators who want to introduce the cutting edge technologies in their products and satisfy the desires of demanding customers.

Life becomes more dynamic and more and more people are optimizing their time and expenses by using intelligent solutions. What is the difference between the Bulgarian and the international market of these technologies?

We mostly work with foreign companies, most of our customers are overseas. There are many people interested in modern technologies who know where the future of mobile technologies is and what a big change can bring to the world the fast growth of the so called Internet of Things. Sincerely, we would like to partner with Bulgarian companies, who can evaluate those possibilities and are open to work with us to bring the future now.

What are your future projects?

At the moment we create a useful solution for remote monitoring and control of all kinds of alarm systems, targeted at security companies. The system connects the customer and the security company in an integrated environment for sharing and control of events and access permissions. It can handle the monitoring of hundreds of thousands sites simultaneously. Additionally there is integration with the most widely used monitoring systems in Bulgaria. We also develop a big system for fleet management of heavy duty vehicles for the North American market integrating the smartphone, the vehicle and the Internet in one environment. It uses miniature devices which do not need authorized montage. We plan to introduce it to the European market in year 2015.

What provoked you to participate in the exhibition "Smart Cities" and what are you expecting from it?

Our desire is to showourselvesat the regional market and demonstrate the possibilities of our telematic platform with concrete examples - control and monitoring of alarms, street lights, locks, etc. through the smartphone and Internet. We would like to get feedback for the systems we develop and open doors for new partnerships with local and foreign companies.


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