Energy Efficiency & Renewables 27 – 29.03.2018
Energy Efficiency & Renewables 27 – 29.03.2018

The latest biomass heating technologies represented by Enerstena, Lithuania

2017-02-07 11:24:33

The latest biomass heating technologies represented by Enerstena, Lithuania. The company will take part at EE & RES exhibition (7-9 March, Sofia, Bulgaria).

Interview with Mr. Tomas Rimkus, Sales Director, Enerstena

“Enerstena” Group of Companies is well-known in Lithuanian energy sector, can you tell us more about its activity?

We design and manufacture biomass boilers, flue gas condensers, furnaces and other technological equipment for biomass boiler plants. We implement projects from inception to the "turnkey", we also provide process automation and maintenance services.

What are you going to present during the exhibition this March?

“Enerstena” Group of Companies will represent you the latest biomass heating technologies: boilers, flue gas condensers, furnaces and other technological equipment for biomass boiler plants. We promise MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION for every our stand visitor!!! According to data, we will propose you the best solution for your heat efficiency. You will see our own technology in technological equipment for biomass boiler plants, our references in different countries.

What are the main advantages of your solutions? In which fields they can be applied?

  • Experience: we have started our operation 14 years ago and implemented many projects.
  • Our own technology, strong production base.
  • Team of professionals. The “Enerstena” Group of Companies has more than 340 employees.
  • The Centre of Science and Research with the laboratory allows improving the existing technologies and developing new technologies.
  • Feasibility study. We perform legal, technical, economical assessment of situation/object and select most acceptable option for the potential investment. For the Employer we make detailed object implementation plan.
  • Full cycle: from the professional proposal until full implementation and maintenance.

You have many realized projects in Lithuania, are you planning to expand your activity in South-East Europe as well? Are you looking for distributors or business partners in the Region?

We realized projects not only in Lithuania. In addition to the projects in Lithuania, geography of “Enerstena” Group of Companies activities and projects has extended to Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, France, Denmark and Finland. We are planning to expand your activity in South-East Europe as well. Among foreign colleagues in bioenergy we are looking for a general contractor, subcontractor (biomass plant builder, equipment installer and etc.), distributors or business partners which might need our production – biomass boilers, furnaces, economizers and etc. We are interested in direct sales.

Which are your potential customers? Visitors from which specific branches you would like to invite at your stand?

Our potential customers: Heat distribution companies, Independent heat suppliers, Manufacturing industrial enterprises.


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