The most suitable equipment for Bulgaria are agricultural biogas plants due to the country’s large percentage of agricultural area

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2015-11-10 11:29:42

Agricultural biogas plants - the most suitable equipment for Bulgaria due to the large percentage of agricultural area 
Interview with Evgeny Rybalchenko, Market Manager, Schmack Biogas

Dear Mr. Rybalchenko, which solutions will you present at EE & RE 2016 and which population do they target?

We are going to present our portfolio of dry and wet anaerobic digestion solutions. We will especially focus on small-scale plants for agricultural applications.

Tell us about the biogas project in Velkovtsi Village and how does it stand out?

The plant, with an electrical output of 500 kilowatts, is being constructed on a mountain region in the central part of Bulgaria. Liquid cattle slurry, fodder remains, straw, maize silage and whey from cheese dairy will be used as substrates.

The project stands out not only due to its production of energy from a difficult substrate (whey), but also because there is great potential for production process optimization. The customer owns a cow farm and a dairy production. The complete waste heat from the CHP and some of the power will be used in the production process instead of diesel fuel.

On completion, the plant will also be able to meet the annual electricity requirements of approx. 1,150 3-person-households with renewable electricity.

What are the advantages of using the facilities of Schmack Biogas?

Since 2010, Schmack Biogas is part of the Viessmann Group. Our main advantages are the high performance of our plants, robust and reliable technology, as well as our large experience in building biogas plants. Until now, Schmack Biogas has built and put into operation more than 450 plants. Since 1995, the company has been setting standards for highly efficient and economic biogas plants, trusted by farmers as well as energy producers.

What are the inputs and benefits of biogas production?

Unlike solar or wind, biogas is permanently available and storable – so it can be used when it is really needed. Consequently, the Bulgarian grid will benefit from a decentralized source of energy with the potential to serve as a base load or as a cold/hot reserve.

Thanks to the various positive characteristics of biogas, the Bulgarian farmers will not only benefit from the production of energy. They can also use the manure as a valuable fertilizer subsequent to the fermentation process and avoid odor nuisance, N2O, CH4 and CO2 emissions.

Biogas plants for animal farm waste are the best option to avoid the upcoming sanctions to be imposed from 1.01.2016 in connection with EU legislation for methane emissions reduction and responsibility for climate change for Bulgarian pastoralists.

What type of equipment is the most suitable for Bulgaria?

The most suitable equipment for Bulgaria are agricultural biogas plants due to the country’s large percentage of agricultural area.




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