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There was a lack of such exhibitions until now-Interview with Lyudmila Mihajlovsk

"There was a lack of such exhibitions until now" - Interview with Lyudmila Mihajlovska, manager of Extreme Sport, a participant in Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2015

Mrs Mihajlovska, your company has been offering sports and travel goods for nearly 10 years. Which brands do you present on the Bulgarian market?

We work successfully with a number of companies. Our goal is to offer the Bulgarian customer products with excellent quality/price ratio. We import high quality Slovenian hiking boots Alpina, Czech roller skates and ice skates Tempish, and we organize amateur roller skate competitions for adults and for children. We also import tents and sleeping bags from the famous brand Husky, waterproof and windproof jackets and trousers in a comfortable and compact storage pouch Mac in a sac (Ireland), high quality trekking socks Nordhorn (Poland), ski jackets and pants Kilpi (Czech Republic). We are distributors of the strong and comfortable Bulgarian backpacks - Tashev.

What goals do you set for yourself through the participation at Sofia Sport & Healthy Life and what customers do you want to meet?

An exhibition like that was missing, and we are glad that there is one now. We have built a distribution network in the country, but we want to expand it and make contact with new distributors and clients. Our goal is the brands that we offer on the market to become even more famous and recognizable.

In view of the upcoming winter season, will you show us new products and what will be the focus of your participation at the exhibition?

We will introduce two new footwear models of the Slovenian brand Alpina. The first new model for 2016 is with two membranes and is an extremely breathable, yet waterproof shoe, suitable for the hot summer months. The other model is for hunting, with the possibility of heating by batteries. We are also going to introduce the latest models of waterproof Mac in a sac jackets, with even better characteristics - now with 7000mm waterproofing and 7000mm breathing.

Is the number of sports and tourism enthusiasts in the country growing, is there seasonality in the demand for equipment and what should not be compromised in its purchase?

Yes, there is a positive trend - especially among the younger generation. More and more young people are keen on mountain transitions and camping.
Of course, that is why appropriate equipment is needed. It is very important for the shoes to be comfortable, strong, with waterproof and breathable membrane and last but not least, with resistant sole. The clothing should be from breathable and lightweight fast-drying fabric. We must not forget the backpack - it must be compact and properly arranged, with comfortable straps on the back.

There is definitely seasonality in the demand. In the summer, we sell more hiking boots and sandals, tents and skates.
During the winter, there is greater interest in winter hiking boots, ski clothing, sunglasses for winter sports, underwear, winter skates and more.