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Thermal innovative cameras of Konica Minolta prevent fires

Interview with Radoslav Kalendzhiev - Product Marketing Expert Software and Video Solutions at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Bulgaria EOOD

Mr. Kalendzhiev, why did you decide to participate in the international forum NO accidents?

We at Konica Minolta have been undergoing a transformation of our business over the last few years. We are currently mainly recognizable in the Bulgarian market as a provider of print services and digital information management solutions.

In 2018, the company acquired a majority stake in the German manufacturer and provider of video surveillance cameras and software MOBOTIX, which has expanded our portfolio of business solutions. In the meantime, a MOBOTIX Competence Technical Center has opened in Bulgaria, responsible for the whole of Europe, which is a great recognition for us.

What solutions and innovations will you come up with and in which areas do they apply?

MOBOTIX thermal surveillance cameras have many applications, such as:

  • Video surveillance of flammable materials for early detection of high temperature, which is a prerequisite for fire.
  • High voltage monitoring of electrical equipment in the industrial environment in order to prevent fires
  • Monitoring the temperature of industrial equipment and detecting malfunction or damage due to overheating, allowing you to protect your equipment from failure.
  • Leak detection of oil products from pipelines due to human error, sabotage or corrosion of the pipeline.

The areas of application of our solutions are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and oil and gas industry
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Retail sales

Tell us more about the benefits of implementing these solutions in practice.

MOBOTIX cameras are a completely stand-alone (decentralized) system. All analytical functions are processed and performed in the camera, such as image processing, event and alarm management, inventory management. This does not require the use of a central server (NVR) for processing and managing records.

All MOBOTIX cameras include IoT (Internet of Things) automation and offer an open interface for connection to various applications. It also includes sophisticated logic that can define rules and conditions for connecting to external hardware devices and systems, depending on the type of event and time of event.

Which companies are your customers?

Our portfolio of clients is wide and in the field of industrial production I can mention the following companies: Geotechmin, Asarel Medet, Multivak, ABB Group, Stomana Pernik

Please share some of your future development plans.

In addition to intelligent video surveillance, another important area for us is the digitalization or creation of an electronic register of all corporate information and the automation of business processes related to it. Our goal is to enable businesses to completely eliminate paper-based document processes and replace them with electronic ones.

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