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Three Products Presentation of Axxon at Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2015

Three Product Presentations from Axxon at Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2015

An interview with Emilia Radanova - Product Manager / Food Additives Division
and Valentin Ruzhev - Product Manager / OSHEE Isotonic and functional drinks

Axxon Bulgaria is a preferred partner in the fast-moving consumer goods sector for 23 years already. The company specializes in manufacturing, distribution, logistics and marketing of various products. What motivates you to participate in Sofia Sport & Healthy Life?

For us, the exhibition corresponds to the current trend, which is embedded in the development of our company's portfolio, namely the topic of healthy and active lifestyle. It is a great opportunity to introduce our latest products of this type to visitors who follow this philosophy.

Collagen Pro - Active and OSHEE isotonic drinks will be your two product presentations. In what type of retail outlets they can be found and what is your marketing strategy for their market positioning?

Collagen Pro-Active is a specialized product which is mostly distributed through the pharmacy channel, but the big drugstores, gyms and orthopedic centers are also active points of sale. The distribution of OSHEE brand products is well developed, they can be found in sports halls and facilities, the largest food chains, oil stations as well as smaller grocery stores. In terms of marketing strategy, all products enjoy the diversity of the entire marketing mix (ATL, BTL, TTL).

What are the benefits of using Collagen Pro - Active?

Collagen Pro-Active has been among the premium products in Europe for almost 10 years already, when talking about pure collagen. The benefits of the collagen supplement are numerous, but they are the most rapid and visible in relieving joint pain, improved mobility, trauma recovery, strengthening of nails and hair, skin elasticity. In Bulgaria, hundreds of users have already been convinced of the high product quality and good results and the number continues to grow. Moreover, clinical trials with proven results stand behind the label.

For the first time you will present your latest product range - Power of Nature supplements. Can you tell us something about them before the official launch?

Yes, the official presentation will be at the exhibition. Power of Nature products are natural supplements, some of which are unmatched on the market. An advantage is that they are soluble and especially tasty. They have an immediate effect and in certain cases can even replace pharmaceuticals and OTC. One of our unique products is Mastiha, which has incredible benefits for the entire digestive tract.

Another product, which you are going to promote is OSHEE isotonic drink. What are the active ingredients the product contains?

OSHEE isotonic drinks are a professionally developed formula containing electrolytes (sodium and potassium), vitamins (vitamin E, B vitamin complex) and carbohydrates for optimal hydration, increased levels of stamina and energy during exercise and faster recovery after. The concentration is similar to the liquids in the body, leading to rapid and efficient absorption and the light and fresh flavors make it very pleasant for intake.

For what types of exercise the isotonic drink is a better choice than water and can we combine it with other refreshing drinks?

The beverages are particularly suited for long and intensive physical exercise, when the body loses water, but also salts and vitamins through perspiration. All of them are extremely important for maintaining water-salt balance and if not restored, it can lead to dehydration, which can eventually bring a sense of dizziness and disturbance of blood pressure.

In such cases, increased water intake, not only cannot compensate for the lack of these substances, but it is possible to have a negative result, because when a person is thirsty and receives large amounts of water, this gives a signal to the body that the amount of liquids in the blood is too high and it has to get rid of them.

In addition, the isotonic drinks are fortified with B vitamins, which reduce fatigue and add to the faster muscle recovery, while the balanced amount of sugar in the composition is an additional source of energy. Not recommended in combination with energy drinks.

Do you think Bulgarians care more about health or beauty? What trends do you observe?

Until recently, official studies have been showing alarming tendencies about the health of Bulgarians caused by unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle. At the same time we are witnessing another positive trend, which shows that more and more people realize the need for an active life and a balanced diet. This is also noticeable in the increased demand and supply of food supplements on the market.

Besides the pure aesthetic nature, maintaining good physical shape and weight control are particularly important for our health. When both are present, one would feel much better in their skin.
At present, however, our observations indicate that Bulgarians attach greater importance to the care of their appearance rather than their health, but we can also see that the priorities have started to shift.