Accidents Avoidance
Accidents Avoidance <br/>2022

Timely diagnostics of new and old facilities prevents accidents

Interview with Valeriy Tsanov, Trade Manager, Scortel Ltd.

Mr. Tsanov, what made you participate in the international forum ‘NO accidents’?
Professional interest in the topic.

What solutions and innovations will you present and in which areas do they apply?
We present new solutions for remote automated deformation monitoring in infrastructure sites and facilities (bridges, walls of buildings, etc.), primarily related to the construction, operation and maintenance of such facilities.

Tell us more about the benefits of putting them into practice.
The prevention of accidents and even catastrophes within infrastructure has recently been a very topical issue worldwide, since in many countries, including developed ones, the depreciation of facilities built decades ago creates many problems and their maintenance is costly. We help provide timely diagnostics of new and old facilities with a view to planning repair work and preventing accidents with severe financial, environmental and other consequences.

Which companies are your customers?
For the specific area - Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company, "TPP Maritsa East 2”, GBS, Garant-90, and we are "recent” in the construction industry.

Please share some of your future development plans.
We carry out intensive development and research activities in the field of automation of operational management in open production (construction, mining, specialized and intermodal transport), preparing innovative solutions for the market for linking calendar planning and management with operational management of production processes and for deformation monitoring at different sites.

More information about Scortel Ltd.
The company supplies equipment and communications services, software, system integration, engineering and consulting services to: GPS Systems for the management, positioning and tracking of mobile and fixed sites, Mobile satellite communications for voice and data transmission in the networks of the mobile satellite operators Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Globalstar, KVH, completely independent of terrestrial infrastructure, Maritime communications and navigation.


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