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Vistamar will showcase personal protective equipment, fire fighting technology and rescue equipment at Save the Life 2015, Interview with Christina Staeva-Vasileva

Vistamar will showcase personal protective equipment, fire fighting technology and rescue equipment at Save the Life 2015,

Interview with Christina Staeva-Vasileva


The Vistamar company is present on the Bulgarian market for more than 20 years. Please, shortly present the products and services that you offer.

”VISTAMAR” Ltd. was established in 1995 and it specializes in the sales and servicing of emergency-rescue marine and firefighting equipment, personal protective equipment and personal protection devices, vessel mooring ropes, ropes and tackle, diving and yacht equipment, own production of national and special flags, navigation systems.

The team of Vistamar Ltd. performs wide range of services at our company service centers in Burgas and Varna, where we offer to our customers – annual inspection and certification of emergency and rescue equipment, periodic inspections to rescue boards and rescue and on-duty boats, vessel devices, formation, assembly and maintenance of firefighting systems, as well as annual servicing of manual fire extinguishers, full fire safety service of customers' sites. Our service centers in Burgas and Varna are authorized by leading international manufacturers of rescue and firefighting equipment, as well as by our state administrations.

The quality of our work is proven not just by the introduced by GermanischerLloyd system ISO DIN 9001:2008 but also by the certifications acquired from international manufacturers and certifying organization for the service and commercial activity, such as: Bulgarian Register of Shipping, Russian Register of Marine shipping, German Lloyd, English Lloyd, Rina Register of Shipping – Italy, DNV, Japanese Register of Shipping, as well Maritime Administration – Bulgaria.

Which leading international manufacturers in the maritime industry are you partners with?

The company stores of VISTAMAR Ltd. in Burgas and Varna offer wide variety of emergency-rescue and firefighting equipment, personal protective equipment, yacht and diving equipment.

We are official dealer for Bulgaria of: NammoLiab AB - HanssonPyrotech – for import of pyrotechnical gear, Ocean Safety – for import of food servings and water for emergency situations, C. M. Hammar – for import of hydrostatic circuit breakers, for emergency and rescue equipment and diving equipment of the following companies: BestoRedding, GFN, Sommap, Coltri, SURVITEC Group - DSB, MSA Safety, Jonesco, SicDivizione, El.Fuel, BCB, ARIMAR, etc.

What products are you going to present at the exhibition?

Our participation at the "Safe the Life" exhibition is driven by our desire to present our specific services and products of the manufacturers that we present. All of them are well recognized worldwide in the field of the safety at sea and land and we hope to increase the attention to the personal safety of every one of us. Our aspiration is to help as many people as possible to realize that the annual maintenance of our equipment – diving, rescue or firefighting is of an essential importance. At the exhibition we shall present products from the field of the personal protective equipment, fire fighting technology, as well as emergency and rescue equipment.

As participants in the "Save the Life" Exhibition, customers of which fields would you like to contact?

Considering the specification of our activity, we have focused onto companies, representations and administrations in the field of the safety at sea and on land, in the entertainment and diving business.

We are open for partnerships with foreign and Bulgarian customers and we would be glad to welcome to our stand everybody who is interested.

What are your plans related to in the near future?

Undoubtedly our plans as a company are to grow in the future. We are seeking possibilities for partnership with worldwide recognized companies with proven reputation and wide variety of goods. Our efforts are directed towards building a good reputation among our competitors and state institutions, maintaining the quality of our services and the qualification level of our employees.


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