Waste Management & Recycling 27 – 29.03.2018
Waste Management & Recycling 27 – 29.03.2018

Waste and Recycling - South-East European Forum

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Waste and Recycling - South-East European Forum


3rd South-East European Conference & Exhibition on Waste

Management, Recycling & Environment

28-30 March 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria

                                         ANNOUNCEMENTS FROM OUR PARTNERS

1. Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants CEWEP

2. Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management ACR+

3. Recycling Technology



CEWEP welcomes the ‘R1 Guidelines’ that the European Commission’s DG Environment published on 1st July:
The Guidelines clarify the calculation method for the energy efficiency (R1) formula set out in the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) 2008/98/EC.
They will help EU Member States apply this formula in a harmonised way allowing for more legal and planning security, and a level playing field within the Waste-to-Energy (WtE) sector across Europe. The R1 formula provides legal clarity on when a WtE plant can be considered as an Energy Recovery operation rather than a disposal operation. This puts efficient WtE plants higher up the waste hierarchy than landfilling (disposal operation) - which is of utmost importance in order to divert waste from landfills:
http://www.cewep.eu/news/press/m _687


The implementation of the Waste Framework Directive at local and regional level - International Conference
26-27 October 2011 Genoa, Italy

The Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management (ACR+) organises the international conference devoted to the implementation of the Framework Directive (98/2008) at the local and regional level in Europe. The subjects to be discussed at the event: 3 years after its adoption - the progress made with the implementation of the Waste Framework Directive; Legal obligations and implementation at local level; Exchange of experiences concerning waste prevention; How to measure recycling performances at local and regional level?; How to build a Euro-Mediterranean network of local and regional authorities on waste management policies and capacity building?

To get more information on the event, please visit ACR+ webpage or the official event website: www.genoawaste2011.eu


Recycling Technology - specialising in materials of the future
Munich–State-of-the-art processing technologies will become increasingly important in tomorrow’s world. This fact is especially relevant to the recycling and waste disposal industries. For this reason, trade magazine Recycling Technology, published by HUSS-VERLAG GmbH since April 2009, has focused its reporting primarily on technological topics until now. But as the significance of technology in the recycling and waste disposal industries is inseparable from the various types of input material and special processes, Recycling Technology will be increasing its degree of specialisation as from 2012. A survey of readers has shown that there are three types of material for which share of the total waste stream will continue to grow in years to come: metals; plastics; and waste electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste). Recycling Technology will be focusing on these three material streams. “This will enable us to provide the recycling and waste disposal companies handling these materials with all the information and background news they need, both for their everyday work and when making investments in new machinery, systems and equipment,” underlines Andreas Schleinkofer, Chief Editor of Recycling Technology.

Given that the readership of Recycling Technology includes not only specialised recycling companies but also a great many mainstream industrial producers, topics relating to the processing of production wastes will continue to be a regular feature of this trade magazine. Furthermore, Recycling Technology will continue to report on the changing world of transportation technology, dealing with the vehicles used to collect waste from consumers.


Conference and Sponsorship:
Maya Kristeva

Nelly Vlaykova

Media Partnership and Cooperation:
Desislava Ivanova


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Press Release for "Waste Management & Recycling 27 – 29.03.2018" :
  • Mobile Laboratory Equipped for Sampling and On-Site Analysis will be an Accent of BalBok Engineering’s Participation
  • Product Premiere by Weiss A/S
  • Which waste management companies have joined Save the Planet 2016?
  • Let’s talk about the new recycling technologies
  • Strong International Presence is Expected at Save the Planet 2016
  • Effective processing solutions for waste management
  • Solvay will present innovation that helps eliminate pollutants
  • Utilities Magazine Interview with Hrvoje Milosevic, Speaker at Save the Planet Conference 2015
  • Exhibitors and speakers from 22 countries will participate in the SE European Forum 2015
  • Leading companies will demonstrate sustainable solutions for waste management on
  • Interview with Dimitrios Grammatas, Head of Construction Department, HELECTOR – Exhibitor at ‘Save the Planet’ 2015
  • The newest innovation Vecoplan HydroDyn will be presented by Pashev Brothers at ‘Save the Planet’ 2015
  • ‘Save the Planet’ 2015 opens new opportunities in waste management sector in SE Europe 11-13 March, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Treatment of fluorinated greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting substances
  • ‘Save the Planet’ 2015 paves the way for the progress in waste management sector in SE Europe
  • Austria responds to the green technology and know-how demand in SE Europe
  • Green Technologies - the Golden String between the Economic and Social Development and Climate Change
  • ‘Save the Planet’ 2014 - Program Highlights & Exhibitor Presentations
  • Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria supports ‘Save the Planet’ - Waste Management & Recycling Exhibition and Conference for Southeast Europe
  • ‘Save the Planet’ 2014: Significant increase in the number of the companies at the Austrian Pavilion
  • International Baler Service will participate at 'Save the Planet' 2014
  • Leading Companies from Waste Management Industry will Participate in ‘Save the Planet’ 2014
  • Komptech has joined ‘Save the Planet’ 2014
  • 10th South-East European Exhibition and Forum on Renewable Energy and Waste Management will Enhance the Role of Bioenergy
  • South-East Europe is on Track to a Sustainable Development
  • Austria shows a high interest in South-East European environmental market
  • ONLY a few days before the beginning of Save the Planet
  • New Centre for Development of Ecological Infrastructure in Bulgaria
  • AUWA Recycling Bulgaria at 'Save the Planet'
  • Waste Management Forum for South-East Europe
  • South-East Europe is moving forward to Environmental Waste Management
  • Recycling Bulgaria at 'Save the Planet'
  • EUROPLAST and SuperDrecksKëscht® at Save the Planet
  • Advanced Austrian Technologies at the SEE Eco Forum & Exhibition 2013
  • Starke internationale Beteiligung an Save the Planet, Ausstellung und Konferenz über Abfallwirtschaft und Recycling
  • Recycling Technologies in the spotlight of Save the Planet 2013
  • Launching of advanced technologies on the SEE Waste & Recycling Market
  • Save the Planet – the right platform for waste technologies exposure
  • Household and industrial waste as a no-cost fuel
  • Hungary at Save the Planet
  • Waste Management & Recycling - Reach the SE European Market
  • The Green Upgrade of South-East Europe
  • A small UK city hired US Covanta to generate energy from waste
  • Waste-to-Energy is a Highlight of the South-European Conference ‘Save the Planet’, organized by Via Expo
  • Materials scarcity - and answers
  • Waste and Recycling - South-East European Forum
  • Growing Waste in South-East Europe - a Source of Business Opportunities
  • The 8th Environmental Forum for South-East Europe will be promoted within the 8th Vienna Economic Event 2
  • Waste management and landfills in Austria - interview with Dr. David Laner
  • Well-known companies at the South-East European Environmental Forum 2
  • Waste management in Denmark - Rene Moller Rosendal
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