‘We expect an overall strong development in IT Sector in SE Europe’

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2016-02-12 10:45:32

‘We expect an overall strong development in IT Sector in SE Europe’
Interview with Dr. Ralph Gambetta, Head of Promotion, Calypso Networks Association, and Speaker at Smart Cities

Dear Mr. Gambetta, what are the main activities of Calypso Networks Association and in what areas is your standard implemented? What are your major successful examples?

Calypso Networks Association founded in 2003 with its headquarters in Brussels gathers operators, authorities, ministries, suppliers, consultants, service providers  implementing Calypso, an open technology developed through an EU project, assuring a high security level for contactless transactions and providing technical interoperability between networks in a multi-service eco system. Being in full respect of international standards Calypso is the only technology providing technical interoperability between networks assuring multi supplier environment from the level of the IC provider upwards. More than 130 smart ticketing schemes worldwide have adopted Calypso technology. Among these schemes that serve millions of users daily are Lisbon, Paris, Porto, Nice, Naples, Brussels, Mexico City, Montreal, Casablanca, Jerusalem, Riga, Milan and many more cities.

You will take part for the second consecutive year in the SEE Conference ‘Smart Cities’. Is South-East Europe an attractive market for intelligent solutions and what are the opportunities?

Successful adoption of technology is one of the key elements to sustainable economic development and growth. In addition intelligent solutions are a driving force to modernise society. Despite the geographic fragmentation in South-Eeast Europe with a multitude of countries having their own dedicated rules and legislations, we expect an overall strong development in the Region. The combination of the rapid adoption of foreign technologies and many local companies that provide IT systems contribute for the progress in this part of Europe. Some local companies that are already Forbes quoted can become front running promoters of south eastern European IT competence which can be transferred onto global markets.

The topic of the presentation will cover the intelligent transport solutions. Tell us more about them and what are the benefits of their implementation?

With urban transport at the core of future mobility patterns we see the need of intelligent solutions that will allow users to benefit from integrated services. Only by becoming part of lifestyle services public transport will create the necessary positive image and allow increased ridership on the long term. Customers want to be informed about the services they use and everything that relates to them. Matching these expectations means that various services need to be integrated with smart ticketing such as real time information, guidance, events information etc. Internet 2.0 has started to educate users to perceive their environment this way and urban transport needs to adapt to this new societal paradigm.



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