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What can you see during the Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2016?

What can you see during  the Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2016?

Golden Apple - products for the stimulation of the natural body processes and especially stem cells

Interview with Yana Barakova, manager

Mrs Barakova, The Golden Apple is the first Bulgarian company that produces organic products based on microalgae. How many years ago was the company established?

We started to develop its first products in 2003, that is, we are now coming into our thirteenth, lucky year. Otherwise our experience with AFA and spirulina dates back to 1995.

Where can one find your products in Bulgaria and abroad?

During the last years we’ve worked mainly on the development of international markets - the US, France, South Korea, Martinique, Guadeloupe; currently we are working on Cuba and Canada. We have contracts with Qatar and Ukraine. All of them interesting destinations for a business trip, aren’t they? In Bulgaria you can find our products at our e-shop:

We have set as the next target to strengthen up the Bulgarian market, so if you have a health store or develop some kind of healthy clinic or yoga studio, you can contact us.

What characterizes the raw materials that you use for your products?

The main objective since the creation of The Golden Apple to this day has been to provide our customers with the best quality products. For this purpose we select the highest quality of raw materials. I dare say that we offer the best quality AFA, chlorella, spirulina and astaxanthin on the Bulgarian market. Searching out some of the raw materials has taken us years. The producers we work with have decades of experience in producing microalgae, the AFA and astaxanthin producers being the oldest producers of these raw materials in the world. All the raw materials are produced by proprietary methods and have multiple organic and quality control certificates. Our spirulina is the most certified microalgae in the world and the only spirulina listed in the US Pharmacopoeia.

Which are the latest supplements developed by you?  

We work mainly in one direction - products for the stimulation of the natural body processes and especially stem cells. We believe that the body has the necessary knowledge to heal and we try to give it the power to act. GoldenStemPower - our top product- is designed specifically for this purpose. The formula 6-in-1 is unique to the global market and the results with the healthy and the sick around the world are impressive. Our latest product – AlgEye -  was designed to improve vision, but it is very powerful for the whole body, and also has many satisfied fans not only in Bulgaria.

Who are your products designed for, who are they recommended for?

Our products are suitable for everyone. For the healthy and the sick of all ages. For athletes - our fan is even Ivet Lalova. For infants and children, assisting their full development and the achievement of the genetic maximum, preventing colds and flues on the way. They are outstanding during pregnancy and facilitate the birth process. I mentioned vision, we have numerous results in diabetes, cancer patients and many others. What matters to us is that the products have no side effects and contraindications ands precisely for that reason they are suitable for babies and small children.