Yes, He Can…Put Solar Panels Back on the White House

2013-08-19 11:55:47

Yes, He Can…Put Solar Panels Back on the White House


If you haven’t heard the big solar news, a Washington Post reporter has confirmed from an anonymous source that the Obama Administration is finally following through with Secretary Chu’s promise to put solar panels back on the White House.

Anyone who’s followed this Solar Fred blog on Renewable Energy World knows that getting solar on the White House has been a solar advocacy quest of mine since February 2010, when I first suggested that a solar panel company should give the White House a solar system and reap the brand recognition of that honor — should the White House accept.

A solar panel manufacturer didn’t step up, but a coalition of many other solar companies and installers did for Earth Day 2010. Sungevity offered a free solar PV system and launched a terrific “Globama” social media campaign; Free Hot Water offered a solar thermal system; Kaco New Energy offered inverters, and many other solar pros offered various other products or services.

Personally, I thought the media would quickly pick up the Sungevity campaign, and — given Obama’s stated clean energy goals — that he would quickly and positively respond. Nope....


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