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The Platinum Vibra Therapy machine gives you a full body workout in just minutes. It's Pivotal vibration is very popular with fitness professionals as well as therapy by medical professionals. The Platinum Vibra Therapy has more digital controls, 3 preset programs, 3 additional programs, high speed levels (1-60) and a sleek design that looks great anywhere. For a total body workout, included are detachable arm straps used to massage and strengthen the arms & shoulders. The side handles aid in balancing, also have digital controls for start/stop, speed controls and heartbeat monitor. And it also comes with wheels to move without straining.

Input Voltage 220-240V/50 Hz Motor Power 1000W Seesaw Amplitude 10mm Seesaw Vibration Frequency 5Hz – 15Hz Speed Level 60 Speed Levels Preset Program & Users - 3 Preset Programs Display Program, Time, Speed. Dimensions 580mm x 680mm x 1335mm Load Weight 150 kgs. Net Weight 57 kgs. Gross Weight 64 kgs.
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