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Compact Vibra Therapy Machine (Compact VTM) Fashionable, Portable, Convenient Category: Vibration Therapy Machines. Tags: fitness, for men, for women, massage, safe for adults over 65, therapy,vibration machine, weight loss Our Compact Vibra Therapy is a sleek design, with advanced features and lightweight, so you can take with you. You can listen to music from your iPhone, iPod or other device using the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Along with the remote control, it's no surprise it's a best seller in Europe.

Input Voltage 220-240V/50 Hz Motor Power 200W □ Seesaw Amplitude 8mm Seesaw Vibration Frequency 5Hz – 8Hz Speed Level 99 Speed Levels Preset Program & Users - 3 Preset programs Display Program, Time, Speed. Box Dimensions 775 х 450 х 220 mm Load Weight 120 kgs. Max. Net Weight 15Kg Gross Weight 16Kg Remote controller Arm bands included Bluetooth technology (connecting your device for music)
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