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Special cheese You do not need a special occasion to pamper yourself with the special types of cheese offered by “LB Bulgaricum”. They are made of high-quality cow milk with added specially developed starters based on the technology of “LB Bulgaricum”. Our variety of special types of cheese is a tasty complement to the durable dairy products offered by us and will suit your table regardless of the occasion. Steamed Fresh Cheese - “LB Bulgaricum” steamed fresh cheese is a specially developed dairy product, which has a similar taste to yellow cheese, but its technical properties resemble the ones of brined cheese. It is made of normalised fat ratio cow milk with added lactic acid bacteria starter, curdled with cheese making culture, which has undergone the necessary technical processing for ripening, so that the prominent flavour and taste of this product can be developed. “LB Bulgaricum” steamed fresh cheese is offered in a sealed package of 400 g. “LB Bulgaricum” processed cheese is made according to an original company technology, with no artificial flavours, preservatives or other ingredients harmful for the human body. The soft and melting taste of the product is the result of the thermal processing of a combination of different types of high-quality cheese and added curd and cream. “LB Bulgaricum” processed cheese is marketed in a polymer-coated sleeve of 200 g.
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