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Municipal Sweeper ISAL 6000

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  • Sweeping system mechanical-suction
  • Engine Mercedes 4 cylinders Diesel water cooling system 129 kW.
  • Traction hydrostatic traction on the front wheels. Speed from 0 to 42 km/h
  • Power steering
  • Suspension hydraulic on the rear wheels, leaf spring on front wheels
  • Cabin pressurized with heating and air conditioning. Three seats.
  • Sweeping system: roller main broom (width 1320mm)
  • Nr. 2 side brooms (sweeping path 2600mm)
  • Belt conveyor group vertical, with 11 venes and hydraulic tension adjuster
  • Sucking system made-up with 2 fans, hydraulically controlled
  • Textiles polyester filter and hydraulic filter shaker
  • Waste hopper dump hydraulic, height 1340 mm (optional: height 2400mm)
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Sweeping path from 1330mm to 3600mm
  • Double speed: power and economy; working speed: 0 – 20 km/h; Deplacement speed: 0-42 km/h;
  • Full loaded weight: 13.300 kg
  • Load capacity: 5.220 kg
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