CleanExBg - Exhibition on Cleaning and Hygiene

CleanExBg is the only trade exhibition in Bulgaria for the cleaning and hygiene sector, promoting new technologies, products and services.

The main target of this b2b event is to be an effective platform for networking and generating new leads.

Hall 1

Future Cleaning Technologies i - scrub

Product images:

Meet the i-scrub: innovative scrubbing machines with power
Changing the way you think about cleaning!

Scrubbing is needed in all sorts of shapes, sizes and ways of movement. Removing debris, dust, oil, grease, floor marks or anything that devalues your standards for a clean environment is an crucial element of your business, and should be a number one priority. Over the last few years, business all over the world have used the i-scrub range to clean their storage units, office parking lots, washrooms, and even a few sidewalks. Get introduced to the next generation of cleaning with flexible brush heads, powerful engines and innovative ways of cleaning any surface.

i-scrub 21B
Any surface, no struggles

Double disc action with the flexibility to even scrub areas in a vertical position. It comes with an adjustable head & 360 degrees of free-range motion. That’s the i-scrub 21B in a nutshell. With a powerful engine that achieves a 400 RPM using two discs, the i-scrub 21B is a terrific machine that allows the user to scrub any surface with extreme power.
i-scrub 26H
Integrated blacklight

A revolutionary light in the dark. With the i-scrub 26H, you will never have to worry about missing a spot inside of washrooms, offices and other work spaces. The microfiber hand range cleaner with integrated light or black light will make sure the job gets done. Complete with patented soft-edge technology which allows the user to clean round areas.

i-scrub 30EM
Heavy duty, no problem

Single disc scrubbing has never looked so good. With a detachable power cord (Australia soft copper inside), and a on/off switch light that tells you if there is an issue, the i-scrub 30EM is a nifty machine with a lot of power. With the water tank on top, you can mix your chemicals to perfection. And with the push of a button, you can dose your cleaning area. Now how’s that for simple?