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İltekno İleri Teknoloji Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. Hybrid Systems

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Hybrid Systems

About 1.2 billion people in the world have no access to electricity. 46% of these people are living in rural areas where grid extension is financially ambitious because of high installation costs. Hybrid power systems have enormous potential in electrifying the subject areas with decentralized generation concept.


ILTEKNO Hybrid System Solutions   ILTEKNO Hybrid System Solutions (Short Version)

Benefits of Hybrid

Electrical Power Stability Generators are mostly used to deliver power to consumers in isolated remote locations or rural communities. At the same time generators provide power stability. On the other hand Integration of renewable energy sources, especially solar PV and wind turbines into generators, can significantly reduce fuel use, operating and maintenance costs. It also helps reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions. Wherever generators are the main power supply, İLTEKNO Hybrid Solutions will help you to reduce your energy costs. Whether it's used for industrial plants, cold storage houses, sea water desalination plants, irrigation systems, remote holiday resorts or many others: the ILTEKNO Hybrid Controller can serve individual needs. Reduced Fuel, Operating and Maintenance Costs The solar PV capex has fallen rapidly within recent years as increasing sales has encouraged large scale low cost manufacture of PV panels and research into producing more efficient and cheaper PV panels. This now makes PV a very promising energy source, as it is climate-friendly and now economically competitive. In addition, PV requires minimum maintenance and is easy to expand to meet growing energy needs. Although the high capex; payback period is between 5 to 6 years of the subject systems. Stable Micro-Grid thru Intelligent Control System ILTEKNO HYBRID CONTROLLER provides full automatic synchronization and can successfully accomplish load sharing between the grid, gensets and PV panels according to the load demand. Basically, renewable solar (PV) systems and wind turbines complete the gensets. System can provide additional energy to the provided by the genset when the demand is high or can help saving fuel costs when the demand is low. Improved Operational Performance - Immediate Response to Industrial Electricity Demand The system modes of operation at different operating conditions during the day-light and night periods are defined and their operating conditions are determined. Thus, on a cloudy day grid stability is going to be protected against of photovoltaic power drops. Excess energy produced in very sunny days can be stored in batteries in order to provide 24 hour continuous energy to the system. Using the fossil fuel fired generator with a PV/battery system solves the night time service problem of the PV systems, reduces the use of the generators which reducees the fuel costs as a result. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions Renewable energy sources are used more frequently due to the growing concern of environmental pollution and the growing support on renewable energies versus fossil fuels. The hybrid energy systems can be very effective in terms of sustainable energy development, permitting a generation of electric energy with a minor environmental impact.