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Djadadji Eood Biomass boiler Kara Energy Systems

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KARA Energy Systems is a worldwide supplier of complete combustion systems for wood and other biomass with over 100 years of experience. It produces and sells industrial biomass boilers in the size range of 350 kW to 15 MW. KARA energy systems delivers turn-key. Our engineers will only leave when the installation is fully operational. Present on Bulgarian market for more than 20 years.

KARA is well known with its industrial warm and hot water, steam and thermal oil boilers. Its boilers can be fed with solid biomass like wood, wood residues, straw, sunflower husk, etc. with a wide range of moisture content. The company is also able to provide co-generation (CHP) configurations for producing both hot water or steam and electricity. Possible temperature levels are 80 degrees Celsius up to 300 degrees Celsius and pressures from 3 up to 20 bar.The lifetime of the solid biomass boilers is -with proper maintenance- more than 20 years.KARA boilers can be designed to deal with both wood and straw resources, building on decades of design and operational experience, often in enduring industrial environments. The capacity range that KARA covers is ranging between 350 kilowatt and 15,000 kilowatt. KARA boilers can also deal with a large humidity range, between 20 - 60%, and still provide high efficiencies Kara’s products are tailor-made, created in compliance with the needs and requirements of the client. For example, the boiler can be manually controlled or fully automated controlled using the most modern type of (remote) controls. We provide fire tube cleaning systems, guaranteeing optimal boiler performance and efficiency, emission measurements and annual inspections.