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Thermolab 2017 LTD Pellet boiler Polifuel Automatic

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The automatic pellet boiler is an innovative product made with the highest quality components according to the most advanced production technologies in accordance with European Standard 303-5 for easy connection to central heating systems. The boiler is equipped with a pellet burner capable of triggering and automatic self-cleaning, so the boiler can be operated with lower quality wood pellets. The automatic cleaning of the exchange pipes ensures excellent exchange and high and constant boiler efficiency. The digital control panel allows control of the pellet level in the hopper. The bunger is standard boiler equipment (no extra charge). The boiler is supplied in pre-assembled parts for easy transport and the final assembly of the entire boiler takes place in the boiler room. Standard boiler equipment: control panel, electrical resistance, reset thermostat for safe shut-off, fan, pipe bundle cleaner. The ARTEL automatic boiler guarantees high performance and easy operation thanks to the automatic self-cleaning of the burner and heat exchanger. Silent, with hopper up to 221kg, programmable with intuitive touchscreen and excellent autonomy. All this makes this model boilers the best in the market