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ÖkoFEN also offers: a pellet boiler on a grand scale.


Wood pellet heating system with up to 64 kw

The Pellematic Maxi builds on the proven technology of the Pellematic series and brings it to a powerful 64 kWt boiler, suitable for use in commercial and industrial settings, for local authorities and in large-scale projects. Not only is it big on output, but the Pellematic Maxi ticks all of the boxes for features too, including a remote monitor with automatic notification for re-ordering pellet supplies and the compact ash box supplied as standard.


Power ratings of our wood pellet heating systems

The Pellematic Maxi pellet heating is available in the following power ratings:

  • 36 kW
  • 48 kW
  • 56 kW
  • 64 kW
  • up to 256 kW (cascade)


A strong team for even more power

For large-scale requirements, the Pellematic Maxi can be installed in a cascade system. A power output of 256 kW can be achieved with 4 boilers connected in a system .

Heating for comfort

Heating for comfort

The Pellematic Maxi provides the proven technology of the Pellematic family of boilers for large-scale use. Benefits such as comfort and ease of maintenance are now available to commercial customers as well as private households. The clean and simple to empty 
compact ash box is supplied as standard with the Pellematic Maxi.

Flexible & Economical

Flexible & Economical

The Pellematic Maxi is extremely flexible, which also makes it very economical. When demand for heat is high it will switch to maximum output. But when demand tails off it will adjust its output accordingly - to as low as 
30% of its available capacity, keeping fuel use to a minimum. A feature unique to the Pellematic Maxi is the ability to have its maximum rated output adjusted retrospectively, to between 36 and 56kW, in just a few simple steps.

Professional & Mobile

Professional & Mobile

When you are heating a commercial building, control is particularly important. A central remote monitor is a standard part of a Pellematic Maxi installation. With our Pellematic Touch heating controller you can quickly and conveniently access the heating 
system and call up all of its data from a computer or smartphone, wherever you are. The mobile user interface is reassuringly familiar because it exactly matches the control panel on the boiler itself.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

At ÖkoFEN we work continuously to refine our products with clever new ideas and innovations in heating technology. A great example of this is the patented multi-segment burner plate. Individual segments in the burner plate can be replaced, ensuring maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and service life is maximised. In the event that low quality pellets are used, the multi-segment burner plate from ÖkoFEN ensures uniform combustion.

Well informed

Well informed

In the local authority and commercial sector information on fuel use and costs is crucial. This makes it important that pellet consumption is accurately recorded. The optional, intelligent ÖkoFEN weighing system can ensure this information is always available, via the Pellematic Touch controller. You are kept up to date on the precise amount of pellets used, ensuring you never run out and have an ongoing record of consumption.

Powerfull  team player

Powerfull team player

The Pellematic Maxi provides a flexible solution that can grow with demand. If your building undergoes renovation or is extended an additional boiler can easily be added. Thanks to Cascade Control, up to four Pellematic Maxi boilers can run in parallel, generating high levels of heat and low levels of wear on the individual boilers. When full power is not required, only the boilers that are actually needed will be called into use. And thanks to its compact dimensions, the Pellematic Maxi will fit through most standard doorways, keeping conversion costs to a minimum.


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