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Mechanical Solutions ltd Thermopump PALM ENERGY

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Air-water invertor thermopumps PALM ENERGY are high-performance range of machines designed to produce hot water up to 60 °C and they are suitable to use in hybrid systems with different type of heat generators ( solid fuel boilers, biomass, thermo chimney, solar panels,etc.).

The air-water system produces hot water to radiators, underfloor heating and sanitary water sources. Air-water invertor thermopump system  'monoblock' type is used for heating and cooling.The high-tech controller which is used to control the thermopump gives almost limitless automation capabilities.

Details include: Invertor Scrool compressor DAIKIN installed on anti-vibration pads; Eco - friendly refrigerant R410A;  Hot water production to 60°С;Low power consumption of modulating circulation pump; EC motor; Programmable electronic controller capable to connect to outside generators through bus connection arranged into cascade or in complex installations.Helicoidal fans with varying speed placed into sound-proof beds.